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We admit it, we still read ink smeared on smashed trees (you know, books) and we like to tell others about our favorites. So we've created this section to let you know what we curl up with when the computer finally shuts down. artnetweb

And if you're moved to buy one of them we've partnered with to make it easy and convenient to do so online. If they have the book in stock we've made a direct link to their catalogue. We've heard very good things about Amazon and hope you'll give them a try.

If you'd like to add your favorite books send a list of up to ten with title, author and a short reason why you like it to:

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John Chris Jones
Edwin Schlossberg : Marshall McLuhan : Walt Whitman : Joseph Beuys : William Morris : John Cage : C. Thomas Mitchell : George Sturt : Gertrude Stein : Hannah Arendt

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