Along with the 8 week Art Dirt Im-Port project for the Port-MIT exhibition at the List Visual Arts Center, I also organized two Web Jams. One for the opening of the exhibition and one for the closing. For the opening of PORT-MIT I was at the Ecole D'art D'aix-en-Provence as a visiting artist lecturer.

At Aix-en-Provence I worked with Peter Sinclair a multimedia artist,who built the Cosi Disco.For the Port-MIT web jam, Christian Soucaret and the students of the LOEIL robotics workshop fabricated an inflatable environment which fit over Cosi.

The interior of the Cosi Disco was quite wonderful. Peter had made it from a step van which he altered so that the rear opened up into a complete sound stage with lights!

The Performance/ event was streamed from Aix to MIT.

With the help of Natalie and OX I performed a French Rap version of Hey Bozo... Use Mass Transit.

The closing Web Jam on March 29 was also very exciting and including 15 remote locations including; France, Macedonia, England, Germany and the US. for more complete info go to the Port-MIT site on artnetweb.