Subject: faux!
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 09:55:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Roz Dimon)

Dear G.H.
Just went through the "Terrorist Billboard" and some of your faux
conceptual work...what a treat!  Deadly funny you might say.   Have you
ever read Roland Barthes, the philosopher...I believe he said "a named
meaning is a dead meaning"  or something like that but it dealt with the
whole labeling of things and how they lose their vitality (once coined and
canned)  I was very intrigued and taken in by your art/ideas.  Thanks.

I did  a series of paintings called "Personal Advertisements" in paintings were titled things like "Bill Blass is Blah",
"New York Telephone Sucks", "Miami...The Only Place To Paint Your Nails"
and others...this show was at the Dance Theatre Workshop Gallery and it was
a spoof on all of it...I mean we live in a world of meaningless promo...I
did a mimic of Philippe de Montebello's gig at the Metropolitan complete
with tape recorders people could take around the show  (rentals were
donations of one penny)...the tape  had a "faux" phoney aristocratic
european accent and made very serious pontifications about each work such
as "here you can see how influenced Dimon was by Woolworth's department