Current philosophical discussions about "media" tend to use terminology culled from

French deconstructionist theoreticians.These use terms such as desire, memory and

nostalgia in an attempt to graft post modernist theory onto the internet culture

just forming. Even the idea of desire and memory are irrelevant when talking about

information objects on the internet. There is no past or future on the internet.

There is only the now. There is no location. We are here together. Everything one

uses to locate such as; nation, boundary, body, tribe, home, neighborhood, gender,

age and so forth is irrelevant. Even the discussion of commodity has a signifier/

signified relational structure which is based on old fashioned dialectical

materialism. The use of the term media is particulary tricky it implies form.

Networked communication has no form in particular. The closer one gets to the

dissolution of form the closer one is to the sense of networked communication.

What are we communicating? Who cares. It doesn't matter. The only thing that

matters is the link. I want to say hello to every person on the planet.