12 June 1997

I was walking through the Sol LeWitt exhibit at Ace Gallery yesterday. It consists of wall paintings in six or seven enormous rooms. His strategy is plainly evident -- matte surface/shiny surface put through variations of pattern and color. The logic of the whole thing is oppressive but, then again, there is something very relaxing in that simple logic. The scale makes it seem extravagant (Ace Gallery is HUGE) but it's only paint on the wall. He probably faxed the instructions for making them. Best thing about it was that one last panel was unfinished -- the scaffolding stood in front of the wall, the borders of the mural were taped and there was a drop cloth on the floor. No evidence that anyone intended to complete the work so you complete it in your mind imagining yourself climbing the scaffolding, opening the can of paint, dipping the roller in the pan and gliding the color onto the surface of the wall. Nice touch.