22 JUNE 1997

(from the Documenta X Blast Forum)

At 8:12 PM -0400 6/21/97, Greg Ulmer wrote:

>Part of my interest in **emerAgency** is to use the technology as a prosthesis for noticing these large-scale events.

We might use technology to "un-see" what we have grown accustomed to. This seems to be one of the goals of immersive VR. But, then again, I think that's what the frame of mind we call art should do anyway. Not a revelation of truth so much as an opening-up or unblocking to the facts we've learned to ignore.

When Robert Irwin came out of six hours in an anechoic sense deprevation chamber he noticed a new awareness to energy in his environment. He goes on:

"I think what happens is that in our ordinary lives we move through the world with a strong expectation-fit ratio which we use as much to block out information as to gather it in -- and for good reason, most of the time, we block out information which is not critical to our activity. But after a while, you know, you do that repeatedly, day after day after day, and the world begins to take on a fairly uniform look. So that what the anechoic chamber was helping us to see was the extreme complexity and richness of our sense mechanisms and how little of it we use most of the time. We edit from it severely, in time to see only what we expect to see."

--Lawrence Weschler, "Seeing is Forgetting The Name of the Thing One Sees," p. 129