23 JUNE 1997

The heat has subsided from the blast this weekend. It's sunny and getting hot but it isn't muggy this morning (about 11:00 am). I haven't turned the air conditioner on yet.

I've been working on a series of analog "panels" in parallel with what I do online and digital. The panels are 12" X 12" images on 16" X 15" Bainbridge Board (cold press). I mean them to function in the same way my "Day Books," which are where I write or sketch ideas, do. The books are basic school composition books, the kind with the black and white covers that look like xeroxes of leatherette. The covers look a bit like some of my word images, text overlaying text.

I intended to use the panels (which I call drawings if I need to catagorize them) as the basis for larger works that would appear to most people as paintings even though there is little painting going on in them. But at this time I see little reason to go to the expense and energy to make larger pieces. I would want to sell them and there is a difference between making work to explore and making work to sell, at least to me. With the panels I don't worry what other people will think about them and, as a result, they tend to appeal to certain types of people. When you make work to sell you let yourself in for influences that don't have exploration as their basis. So I don't make big things to sell right now.

There is a difference between being "goal oriented" and being "project oriented" though the results may be identical. I want to be project oriented right now and that makes it seem to many people I have no goals. What you have with projects are many smaller goals that either are achieved or not but the project goes on. With goal orientation you have projects to achieve the goal. I suppose the best position is between the two though more and more the world is geared toward goals and not projects.