25 JUNE 1997
The image above is derived from a series I'm working on called "The Ithaka Panels". That's what I'm calling it now just to call it something. The title has a meaning that is fueling the series but may drop away at some point.

The image is a representation of my living/work space. It is my home. That's why this project is called my "home journal." The light blue area is my "studio," the blue is my "computer room," the beige is my "bedroom," and the green is my "kitchen." These labels have changed over the years and may change in the future. The functions of the spaces flow into one another yet they are clearly deliniated areas because of the physical construction of the apartment.

I created the image using the table tag in Netscape 3.0 and the colors are standard Netscape color names


In order to make it viewable cross-platform I converted the image to a gif file.

When stacked vertically and given equal area the colors create an image of a beach.


The colors represent the first glimpse I had of Jones Beach State Park when I first moved to New York in 1977.


I've carried this image as information with me since then and have used it in a number of ways. It forms one of the basic materials for my current "Ithaka Panels" project.