29 JULY 1997


A reply to the Blast Documenta List

At 2:03 AM +0100 7/29/97, Angus Trumble wrote:
>vitruvius says make-up is like architecture, it's all about tensile structures. vitruvius is a night-club personality, and my next-door neighbour. Her act ran for fifteen months at the Cafe de Paris. [...]

My response:
I think I caught her act years ago in Corinth on a double bill with Patina du Prey in the Spring of Glauke. St. Paul was the opening act, scolding the population for their conviviality and colorful ways from outside the city gates as they made their way to their seats.

If I recall, vitruvius created virtual tableaux of the most popular Hellenic monuments of the day, skillfully articulating their form with her fingertips, while Patina mimed Callas arias and wore the names of the dead as her costume. They were a hit with the crowd when they joined as one at the end in an elaborate visualization of the mysterious merging of form and content.

St. Paul, like his cohorts Moses and Freud, bombed with the locals but was very popular with the followers of Plato.