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Greetings: Welcome to the first edition of iolaINDEX. If it looks familiar that's because iolaINDEX is a "reconstitution" of the artnetweb & INTELLIGENT AGENT newsletter published until 1998 as a "snapshot" of artists and projects associated with artnetweb, a collaborative network dedicated to access and exploration of new technologies for artists. Things change. When artnetweb started in 1993 it was one of the first Mac-based graphical BBS's operated out of Remo Campopiano's apartment in New York. We opened a storefront in Soho to help other artists learn about new technology and the Internet. It was one of the first exposures for hundreds of people who walked in the door (or were dragged in by Remo). The storefront's gone but the website is still online as both an archive for the past seven years and an active network node growing with projects. One of those projects is Robbin Murphy's personal portal: <i> i o l a </i> http://artnetweb.com/iola iolaINDEX is an offshoot of that and will appear for three months as part of the Walker Art Center's "Art Entertainment Network" WebWalker newsletter. Below you'll find an update on some of the people who "walked in the door", an interview with Cary Peppermint, a selected list of announcements and calls and bookmarks of interesting sites on the web. Over the next two months we'll be experimenting the format and content to see what that "snapshot" would look like now. Comments and suggestions are appreciated and can be sent to: murph@artnetweb.com See you next month. ============================================================ ============================================================ iolaINDEX 00.01 1. PEOPLE 2. INTERVIEW 3. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ ============================================================ A hypertext version is available on the Web: http://artnetweb.com/newsletter/ 1. PEOPLE ============================================================ an update of some of the people interconnected with artnetweb from the beginning. ============================================================ REMO CAMPOPIANO has been invited to create a multimedia installation called "Under the Volcano" for the DeCordova Museum Annual opening May 13, 2000. http://artnetweb.com/remo ROBBIN MURPHY will be participating on a panel about "Free Art and the Net" at a conference organized by the Information Law Institute of NYU School of Law at the end of March. Titled "A Free Information Ecology in the Digital Environment", the conference plans to publish papers and presentations on a web site. http://artnetweb.com/murph G.H. HOVAGIMYAN's Art Dirt webcast archives have been acquired by The Walker's digital studies archive. His new Collider vid-show on The Thing will start up again in February and will originate from a new technologies festival in Brittany, France in March. GH and his partner PETER SINCLAIR exhibited "Les Jaseurs: A SoaPoPera for Laptops" at Postmasters Gallery in NYC last November and performed in Belfort, France for the "Nuits Savoureuses" sponsored by the CICV in December. They've also done a Christmas CD called "The Last Noel" produced by the Galerie Aldebaran in Montpellier, France. The CD's are $10.00 and function as a collectable. In January they did a performance at the Galerie Aldenbaran and have been invited to Amsterdam for Steim sometime before May. The Thing: http://bbs.thing.net Brittany Festival: http://www.x-arn.org/x-00/ CICV: http://www.cicv.fr Steim: http://www.steim.nl http://artnetweb.com/gh ADRIANNE WORTZEL has been awarded $50,000 by the National Science Foundation along with a matching grant from Cooper Union for her theater project "Robotic Renaissance," a collaboration with CU engineering professors, Carl Weiman and Chih-Shing Wei. http://artnetweb.com/wortzel CHRISTIANE PAUL, editor and publisher of Intelligent Agent Magazine and web site, has been appointed Adjunct Curator for New Media by the Whitney Museum of American Art. http://intelligentagent.com And, sadly, AYMON DE ROSSY DE SALES, creator of The Brown Moobird, died at his home in New York earlier this month after a long illness. http://artnetweb.com/moobird 2. INTERVIEW ============================================================ The following interview was conducted between LUTHER BLISSET and CARY PEPPERMINT on the Staten Island Ferry, February 14, 2000 in NYC. Peppermint brought along his mother for this interview. She quickly left us in favor of a large can of Budweiser beer and the scenic vistas of the island of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. - LB ============================================================ Blisset: Your works such as "The Mashed Potato Supper" and "Conductor Number One: Getting In Touch With Chicken" were some of the first real-time performances over the internet. Could you talk a bit about these works and their relation to internet art, new media technologies and the current state of affairs with net.art? Peppermint: No, I cannot talk about trends in art. The works you mention were executed with a conscious and sometimes unconscious disregard for any medium or movement. They are intuitive undertakings many times based on theory forgotten or experiences given over to the loose fabric of memory;many mis-understandings. Would one wish to epitomize their lifetime beneath a single statement? Blisset: Well, could you maybe just tell us your motivations or the energy surrounding some of these initial internet performances. Peppermint: Sure, but only as best I understand them now at this specific moment in time. "Conductor Number One" went something like this: Humans are afraid of themselves. Human perception is regulated and/or dulled by frames. Humans are always mediated. Mediation is a lie told with the utmost conviction. "The Mashed Potato Supper" went something like this: The real-time event supersedes in importance the actual event. No extraneous chewing. Lets make friends with the spectral images of others. Let's be no one and no where right here, right now, no-where. Blisset: So is it true you model your fashion and personal appearance after REM's Michael Stipe? Peppermint: Well, in the early 1990's I began to cultivate an initial understanding of Art which I now think of as "Restless Culture". At the time I lived in Athens, Georgia and Stipe was a great reference for fashion because he had the agency to travel much more than I via his pop star status. He would in effect bring back the surface veneer of a world then en route to global capitalism and I would happily try it on. Blisset: How would you currently explain "Restless Culture"? Peppermint: Someone the other day said to me, "Oh yea, I understand this 'Restless Culture'... Its sort of like you change so fast that the market can't keep up with you". And I thought, maybe... but where is one ever located? Then I thought there is really no place to be anyway and this may be an understanding of art with a profound precision most minds refuse to calculate. Then I thought of a good friend of mine Chilean artist, Guillermo Cifuentes who claims to be in a state of permanent departure. Then I thought restlessness is a real dissatisfaction with the way things are, a sort of hyper-conscious; an understanding where an artist breaks the seemingly continuous surface of beings by producing intermittent exposures. Then I thought about us discontinuous beings and how exposures function as transgression. Blisset: Capital or i.e., fashion is an over-exposure. A great light blinding the real. Jem Cohen made a film after the Berlin wall came down. He called it "Buried In Light". I think it was about the disappearance of culture beneath the hype of capital. Peppermint: Yes. Yes. Yes. Blisset: You are a fashionable human. You were educated within the academy. You oftentimes give off the radiance of a pop-star. How is it you can critique with sincerity a system of which you are obviously so willfully and somewhat gleefully integrated. Peppermint: I am an artist not a holy man and desire is a complex phenomenon steeped in the erotic. Eroticism is a great impetus to my work. Things prohibited result in things sacred. My job here is to suggest points of departure, to cull obscurities and to possibly re-work the sacred. Sometimes I ride a bus. Sometimes I ride the subway. Sometimes I walk down the street. The academy bought me time to understand myself outside of capitalist production. Fashion affords me a point of entry or admission into unsuspecting scenes singularly based on class status where I can collect invaluable data and conduct research experiments and/or performance exposures. Blisset: Can there be such a thing at this date as sincerity in art? Does irony play into your work? What about Humor? Is art simply regulated to the role of entertainment as the Walker's "Art Entertainment Network" might suggest? Peppermint: Maybe sincerity in art is possible if you know exactly whose or what kind of shoulders we are standing upon by this I mean historical context. If we were to accept our contemporary western and sadly dominant culture as a self-perpetuating spectacle, an accelerated system of capital and exchange then we could approach a sort of "simulation sincerity" amidst this mass proliferation of imagery by dressing as our favorite tele-tubbie and then performing open heart surgery on someone in need. Please understand, my work is not for entertainment. Certainly aspects of my work are entertaining but these aspects function only as a vehicle for something else... something that could be difficult to handle or terribly frightening or maybe just quiet... so quiet you can hear nothing at all. The sound of nothing where your being just moments ago effortlessly resided until wildly illuminated by exposure, made restless by art. http://artnetweb.com/peppermint 3. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS ============================================================ [Call for Entries] WERKLEITZ BIENNALE Tornitz, Werkleitz and Calbe/Saale, Germany July 5 - 9, 2000 A border crossing, international forum for media and art with a special focus on new artistic ways of expression and techniques as well as projects with research character. Invited curators will select works in the fields of Visual Arts, Film/Video, Performance Art and Internet/Multimedia (Netart). DEADLINE FOR NETART: April 15, 2000 CONTACT: URL: http://www.werkleitz.de/realwork [Call for Entries] INTERNATIONAL MEDIA/ART AWARD ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany The theme will be 'urbanism'. The award will consist of 30 000 EURO for an interactive work, a video art tape and a special award, bestowed by an international jury. DEADLINE: March 1, 2000 CONTACT: EMAIL: medienkunstpreis@zkm.de URL: http://www.medienkunstpreis.de [Call for Entries] ISEA2000 10th International Symposium on Electronic Art Paris, France December 7-10, 2000 Organized by ART3000 in collaboration with ISEA with the support and the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and in partnership with the Forum des images, CICV Pierre Schaeffer Center, Canadian Cultural Center, ACROE and the General Quebec Delegation. DEADLINE: April 15, 2000 CONTACT: E-MAIL: isea2000@art3000.com URL: http://www.art3000.com [Conference] MUSEUMS AND THE WEB 2000 Minneapolis, Minnesota, US April 16-19, 2000 Annual international conference devoted exclusively to Museums and the Web organized by Archives & Museum Informatics. CONTACT: URL: http://www.archimuse.com/mw2000/ 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ evilmirror http://www.evilmirror.com Showcase for narrative, experimental, and abstract art in a pure digital format. SOD http://sod.jodi.org A game to play with your computer. n0ise http://www.kettlesyard.co.uk/noise/ A multi-site multimedia exhibition in Cambridge (UK) with "realtime" links to London, organised around three key themes in "digitality". Demographics http://www.outtacontext.com/ebay/ebay.html Jeff Gates' attempt to auction his demographics on Ebay. Circadia http://www.cyderspace.demon.co.uk/circadia/ Pete Everett and Rosie Pedley want to let our computers dream. Story of Net Art (Open Source) http://www.calarts.edu/~line/history.html Natalie Bookchin's bibliography of net art. VinylVideo™ http://www.vinylvideo.com An invention of Gebhard Sengmuller in collaboration with Gunter Erhart, Martin Diamant and Best Before. Nerve Theory http://www.allquiet.org/ The collaborative identity of Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman. Signature Series http://www.mteww.com/signature/ The MTAA Signature Series is an attempt to maximize mindshare in the online art market while maintaining the economics of scarcity on which the traditional art market depends. If you have suggestions or contributions send them to: murph@artnetweb.com ============================================================ ============================================================ iolaINDEX is edited by Robbin Murphy iolaINDEX 00.01

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