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Monday, November 11, 1996

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Greetings from artnetweb:

We're pleased to announce PORT, an exhibition of networked
digital worlds on the Internet organized by artnetweb for the
MIT List Visual Arts Center, January 25 through March 29, 1997.

PORT will present scheduled time-based Internet projects by
individuals and groups projected into the Reference Gallery space
at the List Center that will also be accessible over the
Internet using a variety of technologies. PORT will run concurrently
with an installation by Joseph Kosuth in the adjoining main gallery

We see this not only as an opportunity to showcase artists
experimenting with new forms and ideas but also as a laboratory for
the development of models for future exhibitions. A Web site has been
created to provide information and to document the exhibition process.

The PORT Web site URL is:

The PORT-MIT listserv has been set up to discuss the planning
process and to identify potential participants in the exhibit. It 
is a moderated  discussion list open to all who are interested. To
subscribe to PORT-MIT send an e-mail message to:

In the body of your message put:

An archive of the list can be found at:

As always we invite your comments and suggestions. Our general
email address is:

Best regards,

Remo Campopiano |
Robbin Murphy |


   New media art mailing list and searchable contentbase:
                   Rhizome Internet


AROUND artnetweb

THE artnetweb VRML SIG

The VRML SIG continues to grow and physical meetings are now
held every other week in our New York City storefront,
alternating with "virtual" meetings on the Black Sun site.
To find out how you can become involved, to see what members
have been up to, or just to find out more about VRML go to
the Web site:

For Marek Walczak's graphical index to the PORT exhibition:



G.H. HOVAGIMYAN'S ART DIRT RealAudio program
can be heard live every Thursday from 6 to 7 pm
(New York Time) or at any time from the archives.

November 7: Alex Melamid from Komar & Melamid,
creators of The World's Most Wanted Painting

October 31: Tennessee Rice Dixon, Jim Gasperini
and Charlie Morrow talk about their CD-ROM
"Scrutiny in the Great Round." Also, Christiane Paul
of Intelligent Agent reports on art and education
in electronic media.

October 25: "In the Flow: Alternative Authoring
Strategies", an exhibition at Franklin Furnace
with Director Martha Wilson and Curator
Daniel O. Georges.

October 17: "Sculpture and the Computer" with
sculptors Bruce Beasley, Rob Fisher, Robert Michael Smith,
3D Modeler and sculptor, and Remo Campopiano, Artist.



Adrianne Wortzel's "Shall We Dance", a performative
CU-SeeMe event originating from the ISEA96 in Rotterdam
is sprouting a rich text/codex in response to some
provocative, yet sometimes quaint, questions.  The text
can be read across for a series of each person's particular
answers, or down for a series of responses from many to
the same question. If you would like to add your too sense
the questions are at:

Answers are posted to:



Owen Kelly and Eva Wojdat would like to invite everyone to
their Golgonooza metasite, dedicated to digital creativity.
Anyone who wants to join in and contribute is very welcome.
More things are being added every day in anticipation of
the launch at the Arts Council of England's December Hub
Club on December 19th.


"CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED: Art and Consciousness in 
the Post-biological Era"
5 & 6 July 1997

An international conference to look at new developments in
art, science, technology and consciousness. Organised by
CAiiA - the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive
Arts, University of Wales College, Newport, UK. Programme
Committee includes Char Davies, Bill Seaman and Joseph

Papers, posters, multimedia presentations and performances
are invited from artists, professionals, theorists and
researchers in the arts, architecture, communications,
education, biology, cognitive science, complexity and
artificial life, and other relevant fields.

Deadline for Paper Abstracts and Multimedia Presentation
proposals is 1 December 1996.


December 1st, 1996

Creative Time's second annual collective linking of web
sites around the world on December 1, 1996 in observance
of the 8th annual Day Without Art and on the occasion of
World AIDS Day.

artnetweb BOOKMARKS

A grab bag of likely suspects we found on
the Web.  New finds are added daily in our
RESOURCES section:


Online conference for experimental media.


Hakim Bey Fanclub
Are you crazy about Hakim Bey (not)? 


Artists For a Better Image 


Zone Photographic Gallery
Focus for photography and digital media exhibitions
and critical debate.


ZKM Karlsruhe
Promotes art in connection with electronic media.


A visual arts facility that recognizes the partial
incompatibility and imbalance in the relationship
between contemporary artists and the exhibition


Internet Archaeology
Presents the results of archaeological research


Paris Reseau
Collaborative hypertext exploration of Paris by
Karen O'Rourke.


Art site with a project by Lawrence Weiner.


Intra Internet: Walking Through Wires
Places, people and events that exist BEYOND
the glamourous surface of the World Wide Web.


Museum of Forgery
A nomadic institute dedicated to the aesthetics
of forgery.


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