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Monday, December 2, 1996

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Greetings from artnetweb:

MAGIC is big business these days and David Copperfield is
the Bill Gates of sorcerers. When our friend the mystery
writer Carol O'Connell invited us to preview the magician's
new Broadway show, "Dreams and Nightmares," we put down our
new paperback version of "The Road Ahead 96" and went along
to see some real trickery in action.

We admit we're gullible. Even if we hadn't had a knowledgeable
guide to clue us into the workings of the technology we would
have been satisfied to believe Copperfield really did saw
himself in half. Knowing how a trick is done is like using DOS
-- some people always have to know the code, not us. What's
amazing is the window of belief a good magician is able to
create, especially in a crowd of suspicion-prone New Yorkers.

Magic is nonsense that seems to makes sense, at least for the
time you're part of a captive audience. The nightmare begins
when you realize you can never leave.

After the show we wandered around Times Square and watched
workmen hoisting a sign onto the facade of the new Disney store
on 42nd Street. As Mickey and his friends took their places
above where less acceptable (but more human) characters once
stood the air abruptly turned frigid and we realized we weren't
protected from the oncoming cold. We hailed a cab and sped off
for warmer climates.

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Robbin Murphy |


AROUND artnetweb


PORT is an exhibition of networked digital worlds on the
Internet organized by artnetweb for the MIT List Visual Arts
Center, January 25 through March 29, 1997. Scheduled,
time-based Internet projects by individuals and groups will
be projected into the physical gallery space and accessible
over the Internet during the duration of the exhibition. 

Proposals are now being accepted and guidelines are
available  on the PORT Web site:

To join the PORT-MIT listserv:
Send a message to 
with the message



Our VRML SIG held another online meeting Monday using the Black
Sun cyberhub. Participants met in two versions of the PORT-MIT
space constructed by Marek Walczak and discussed the positioning
of the projectors in the space and other project details.

Information about accessing the VRML PORT space may be found on
the VRML SIG Web site:



G.H. HOVAGIMYAN'S ART DIRT RealAudio program
can be heard live every Thursday from 6 to 7 pm
(New York Time) or at any time from the archives.

	Thu, Nov 21,1996
	Opening party/performance for "Location One" International
	Art Network with director Claire Montgomery and artists
	Wolf-Dieter Stoeffelmeier and Angie Eng.

	Thu, Nov 14,1996
	Guests: Matthew Yokoboski, Assistant Curator Film and Video
	at the Whitney; Daniel Hobart, director of the film "Super"

	Thu, Nov 14,1996
	Guests: Carol Stakenas of Day Without Art Web Action
	(; Corey Sicha and
	Nick Deds of Visual AIDS; artists C.B. Cook and Kendall



BLAST is an annual project of The X-Art Foundation that
explores contemporary textual and visual formations
and their accompanying practices of reading, viewing, and
authoring. Blast5drama, the 1996 version, extends beyond the
boxed publication into a multiplicity of forms, both traditional
and digital.

The editors of blast5drama are Marlena Corcoran, Jordan Crandall,
Ricardo Dominguez, Sean Bronzell, Antoinette LaFarge,
Heather Wagner and Adrianne Wortzel. Time curators are Emily Hartzell
and Nina Sobell / Parkbench. Visiting editors are N. Katherine Hayles
and Gregory L. Ulmer. Contributing editor is Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

The "Theater of Operations" for blast5drama can be
accessed at The Sandra Gering Gallery, 476 Broome Street in New York,
22 November 1996 - 4 January 1997 and online at

The X-Art Foundation:



Unique opportunity to join a rapidly expanding non-profits
arts organization specializing in production and education
with media technology.

	Educational Program Director
	Part-time position Salary Range: $12,000 - 14,000 

	Administrative Assistant
	Full-time with benefits Salary range: $19,000 - $22,000 

Interested candidates should email for details.



Unique, cross disciplinary conference hosted by the
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, on
Oct. 11 - 13, 1997. Proposals for presentations received
from Dec. 1, 1996 - Jan. 31, 1997. For further information
visit the conference web site at

artnetweb BOOKMARKS

A grab bag of good things we found on
the Web.  New finds are added daily in our
RESOURCES section:


Documenta X
Intended to be a critical review of the past fifty
years and an interdisciplinary look into a future
where traditional categories will no longer apply.
21 June - 29 September 1997, Kassel, Germany.


William S. Burroughs Inter Net Web Zone
An electronic reference guide to works of William
Seward Burroughs, his literary works, recordings, film,
video appearances, samples, and other publications.


Schizophrenia Home Page
Intends to be the leading Web resource for
information on the brain disease Schizophrenia.


Intro to the Internet
Class taught by Phil Agre at the University of
California/San Diego. Focus is on understanding
the ways in which media fit into people's lives.


In The Flow: Alternate Authoring Strategies
A selection of work which already treats content as
flowing information rather than as property.
At Franklin Furnace in New York until Dec. 21, 1996
and continuing on the Web.


Gare Aux Movements
A collection of images documenting the 1995 strike in
Paris for manipulation and reposting.


Selective Internet resources for writers.


Feral Arts Collective
A collective as a multiple, mobile arrangement of artists.


Vincent van Gogh at Nuenen
Van Gogh lived in the Dutch town of Nuenen from 1883 to 1885
and used many of the town's buildings for subject matter.


Fun With Fluids
Digital artworks centred on organic/inorganic body
metaphors, fluids, memory and imaging.


A group of artists on a mission to cross
the great waters using an elevator.


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