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Monday, January 30, 1996

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Remember, if Apple can rehire Steve Jobs
anything is possible.

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PORT is an exhibition of networked digital worlds on the
Internet organized by artnetweb for the MIT List Visual Arts
Center, January 25 through March 29, 1997. Scheduled,
time-based Internet projects by individuals and groups will
be projected into the physical gallery space and accessible
over the Internet during the duration of the exhibition. 

Everything is on schedule and looking good for the opening
of PORT. If you happen to be in Cambridge, Mass on January
24, 5:30 to 7:30 PM, drop by the List Center and say hello.

A press release is available on the PORT Web site:

The PORT-MIT listserv has been created to plan and discuss
the exhibition and everyone who is interested is invited
to join:

To join the PORT-MIT listserv:
Send a message to 
with the message



Marek Walczak will teach a two-part beginning VRML class,
January 6 and 8th, 6-8pm at our Soho storefront in New York.
The special introductory price of $99 will increase thereafter.
Students are invited to join our free VRML SIG to do followup.

Contact Marek by email:
or call 212-925-1885



G.H. HOVAGIMYAN'S ART DIRT RealAudio program
can be heard live every Thursday from 6 to 7 pm
(New York Time) or at any time from the archives.

December 19, 1996
Guests: Peter Fend (NY) on art and "real life";
Teresa Wennberg (Sweden) on Viking Runes.

December 12, 1996
Guest: Walter Robinson, editor of ArtNet Magazine.

December 5,1996
Guests: Eric Rosner of MTV; Paul Garrin and Andreas Troeger
discuss internet domain names and their strategy for the
Liberation of Name Space (


An Amphitheater for Artists created by Adrianne Wortzel

GRAY MATTERS: A deserted crossroads. Body parts. A medical
text book. A German spy. The Amazon covered with golf courses.
Anatomy of a drama.
Writer and Architect: Noah Wardrip-Fruin;
Writers: Kirstin Kantner, Chris Spain;
Visual Artists: Michael Crumpton, Kristin Holcomb;
Programming in Pad++ Multiscale Interface: Duane Whitehurst. 

ADRIANNE WORTZEL is one of the artists included in
"Techno Seduction", an exhibition of multimedia work
at The Cooper Union School of Art in New York. 17 January
though 15 February, 1997.


artnetweb PROJECTS

by jecca
You are invited to participate in an interactive
art project designed to transgress cultural borders,
natural genders, and personal inhibitions about how
we interact with our omni-sexual environment.

by Jerelyn Hanrahan
Gestures from the Liceo Artistico (High School of Art)
in Eboli, Italy have been added to the project:


CD Produced by Elliott Sharp and
visually organized by Janene Higgins. 

146 artists x 146 minutes, "State of the Union" has been an
ongoing project since the zOaR Records release of 1982.
Changing political, cultural, and technical climates plus
inspired response yields biting satire, bracing sounds, &
sly observations. Includes digitally assisted music by
Karthik Swaminathan, Jack Womack,
Mark Trayle, Jaron Lanier, and Ebon Fisher.



Help design the future.
The Walker Art Center is hiring a digital media designer-
producer to help revamp its Web presence and make the
cyber-Walker as compelling as it is IRL. For details

Steve Dietz
Director of New Media Initiatives
Walker Art Center
Vineland Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403


artnetweb BOOKMARKS

A grab bag of good things we found on
the Web.  New finds are added daily in our
RESOURCES section:


Zippy Meets Meta-HTML
Tired of the same old content at those same old
web sites? The Meta-HTML Active Filter freshens
up any Web page!


The Napack Art NewsWire
Inside art news from Jonathan Napack, formerly
of The New York Observer.


The european laboratory for network collision was
founded in 1996, located in squated identities on
the border of plagarism and theft. From Heath Bunting.


The Eighth International Symposium on Electronic Art
September 22 through 27, Chicago.


This Is The Place
Installation/performance piece by Cary Peppermint.


A collaborative Web site by Peter Horvath and
Sharon Matarazzo.


Memory Arena
Journey through thousands of individual biographical
fragments from a lost but relevant era, translated
into a "scenic" yet functional bureaucratic "Kafkaesque"

Providing services for new top level domains that you
can create on demand. 


discord.sabotage of realities
Exhibition and action art project that brings together
a wide variety of different artistic positions.
In German and English.


In the Line of Fire
Report on events in Derry, Northern Ireland, 10-14 July 1996
following the "Drumcree Standoff".


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