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Monday, May 12, 1996

A sporadic newsletter about artnetweb


Greetings from artnetweb:

There's plenty going on around here lately including our newly
expanded class schedule (see below) and planning the next PORT
exhibition. This newsletter is a long one so we'll get on with
it and keep this introduction short. 

Otherwise, we've had a few warm days here in New York and can't
wait for those long hot summer days when we can open up the
artnetweb beach house and enjoy the breeze, martini in hand,
from the veranda.

As always we invite your comments and suggestions. Our general
email address is:

Best regards,

Remo Campopiano |
Robbin Murphy |


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AROUND artnetweb

426 Broome Street, New York, NY

artnetweb and the NY Sculpture Center are conducting classes
in HTML, VRML, Virtual Theater, 3D Studio and online Computer-
Assisted Sculpture Fabrication. Sessions will be small, personal
and project oriented. 

For class schedules contact:

Remo Campopiano


Robert Smith

Six 1 1/2 hour Monday evening sessions $250 8 Students
Remo Campopiano and Robert Smith, instructors Basic overview of
the Internet; creating and uploading Web files; using editors;
graphics, sound and video; and evaluation of student projects.
PC or Mac.

Six 1 1/2 hour Tuesday evening sessions $250 5 students
Windows 95 PC only using IDS V-Realm Builder. Experience with
any 3d program and knowledge of HTML
Marek Walczak, instructor.

8 3 hour Thursday afternoon sessions $600 8 students
This workshop will take the class through the creative process
of building a virtual "movie" or immersive environment. Includes:
scripting and character development; video & audio; digital
photography, painting & rendering; 3D modelling and image mapping,
server uploading & configuration Windows 95 & Macintosh
Remo Campopiano, Jesse Gilbert, G.H. Hovagimyan, Robert Smith,
Marek Walczak and Adiranne Wortzel, instructors.

Asynchronous time over an eight week period, $350 plus $200 for
the discounted software (retails for $2,500) 15 students.
This totally online sculpture course uses MasterCAM Design to
construct plans for 3d objects and develop tool path files that
get modemed to the NY Sculpture Center for carving on a computer-
operated milling machine. Robert Michael Smith, instructor. 

Eight 2 hour Saturday mid-day sessions $300 10 students
Comprehensive instruction in the use of Autodesk's 3D Studio MAX,
a professional three-dimensional modeling and animation program.
Robert Michael Smith, instructor.



PORT has sailed away from the MIT List Visual Arts Center and will
dock at another destination soon. The MIT List Center Web site
will remain up as documentation, as will the listserv archives.
We're putting together the print catalogue and talking to possible
future PORTs-of-call and it looks like something will happen this
summer as well as the fall. Check the PORT Web site periodically
for new information. 

Meanwhile, you can view screen shots and views from the gallery,
the transcript from the gallery roundtable held on the last day
as well as the catalogue essays all on the Web site.

If you would like a 500-page catalogue of the PORT project, call
remo at 212-925-1885.


Roundtable discussion: 

Gallery Pix:


June 2 - July 2, Cooper Union, NY

A workshop led by G.H. Hovagimyan for artists interested in
creating art in the collaborative networked environment of the
Internet. CU-SeeMe, RealAudio, Text chat, performance and
photography will be used to create the works.

If you would like to sign up for this workshop contact: 

Steve Cantrell 212-353-4197 or
Justin Ferate 212-353-4198



Marek Walczak will join G.H. Hovagimyan on Art Dirt for a monthly
Webcast on VRML with on-line demonstrations called RadioVRML. 

For more information see the Art Dirt Web site:



G.H. HOVAGIMYAN'S ART DIRT RealAudio program can now be heard
live every Tuesday from 5 to 6 pm (New York Time) or at any time
from the archives. 

	"Art Dirt, with its acerbic panel of SoHo artists, dishes
	out the scoop on the art scene..." 

	-- The New York Times, "Listen Up, Talk Radio, This Is the
	Internet Speaking," by David Kushner, April 13, 1997, p. 39.

Art Dirt is expanding!

A link to "ART DIRT CONFIDENTIAL" on the Web site will bring
you articles and reports from those acerbic Art Dirt hosts.

The "BOOKSTORE" link makes it easy to order the books they
talk about on the show from 

Recent Webcasts:

May 6 guest: Artist Perry Hoberman talkes about his exhibition
at Postmasters Gallery.

April 29 guests: Bob Dobbs of the Church of the Subgenius,
Christiane Paul with the Intelligent Agent report.

April 22 guest: Cultural critic HAKIM BEY, author of the
"Temporary Autonomous Zone" .


An Amphitheater for Artists created by Adrianne Wortzel

Adrianne has been chosen to participate in this summer's "ART
IN THE ANCHORAGE '97". It opens this June underneath the Brooklyn
Bridge in New York City and is organized by Creative Time.

She's also going to the MUU Center in Lapland for a five-week
workshop this summer and we'll bring you more details about that
in the next newsletter.



Turbulence, a World Wide Web venue (and PORT participant) that
commissions pieces specifically created for the Web, announced
the awarding of another series of grants from the Jerome
Foundation. This years' recipients are: multi- media artist
Diane Bertolo, writer and film documentarian Jen Meagher,
composer/guitarist Nick Didkovsky and writer/performance artist
Brenda Nielson. 



Warhol superstar and the voice of MOOBIRD, Taylor Mead, has his
own Webcast on the Pseudo Online Network: "The Convertible
Taylor Mead." It's a monthly hour of conversation and food with
special guests at restaurants around New York City. 



MOMA's spring lecture series, "Technology in the 1990s," will
be on-line this year in conjunction with ada'web and Rhizome
Internet. The program features presentations by Ken Feingold,
Natalie Jermijenko, Diller + Scofidio and Sawad Brooks.
Transcripts of the lectures and a chat forum will be made
available on the site.



The "BLAST" project of the X-ART
Foundation, has been included in the Web site of the upcoming
Documenta X in Kassel, Germany. 


artnetweb BOOKMARKS

A grab bag of good things we found on
the Web. New finds are added daily in our RESOURCES section: 


Impakt Festival
A festival for innovative audiovisual arts held in May 1997
in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 


Three genauts, specialists in the field of harvesting fluids,
set out in their gardening ship GREEN FIELDS to set up travelogue
protocols and find raw state organics.


San Francisco group that look at ways to reach audiences who are
hungry for honest and contemporary depictions of themselves,
i.e. Lesbian/Gays, Generation X, people of color.


Newly re-designed Web site of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.


I Ask You
The potential structuring, ongoing developments and possible
occurrences, revolving around an acoustic ecology theme, which
are likely to take place during the "I ask you" time period
in October through December, 1997.


A virtual studio devoted to web-specific artworks and projects.
In French.


Arte en Red
Listings, in Spanish, of art resources on the Internet by
Laura Baigorri.


Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources
Ancient texts and images available on the Web concerning the
major figures of Greek and Roman mythology.


International Dada Archive
Resources and services from the University of Iowa Libraries.


Artists, Fine Arts and Poets online from Berlin, Germany.
In English, German and French.


Vladimir Nabokov resources on the Net from Penn State University.


ArtNet Sweden
Information about galleries, artists and all other parts of
the Swedish artscene.


A Canadian photographer renowned for his celebration of Gay
culture showing at the National Museum of Photography, Film &
Television UK until May 97.


Simulation of a Black Hole by Raytracing
A Newtonian simulation compared to an Einsteinian one by
Werner Benger.


The launch pad/guide to the best real content on the web. 


If you have suggestions or contributions send them to:


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