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Wednesday, June 25, 1997

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Greetings from artnetweb:

A convergence, of sorts, has taken place in Europe as
three big art extravaganzas coincide: The Venice Biennale,
Documenta X in Kassel and The Münster Sculpture Project.
Even though we're not at any of them we're not envious as
it has had the pleasant side-effect of emptying New York
of a number of its more irritating citizens for a few weeks.
That doesn't mean we don't like The New York Art World (tm)
but everyone deserves a vacation. We're happy to be able
to drink our cappuccinos without watching over our shoulder. 

Meanwhile, summer has hit the city with its usual muggy
malevolence so we've drawn the shades, cranked up the air
conditioning and are working, if not at full power, at
least with good intentions (it's our vacation, remember?). 

As always we invite your comments and suggestions. Our
general email address is:

Best regards,

Remo Campopiano |
Robbin Murphy |


artnetweb is a founding member of


AROUND artnetweb

426 Broome Street
New York, NY, US 10013 

We are considering extending our storefront classes to include
asychronous online workshops. That means you won't need to
live in NYC to participate. We will be using our VRML and
metaworld-building experience to explore a new educational

We'd like your feedback on this.

If you are interested in participating in online workshops
we'd like to know what areas of exploration you see as
appropriate for this kind of workshop?

The four online workshops that we are currently considering are: 

	1) The Virtual Theatre Workshop (syllabus available shortly);
	2) Concept Development for Art on the Internet;
	3) VRML-Building 3d Worlds on the Web;
	4) Journal Writing for the Web (including basic HTML) 

Please send comments and suggestions to Remo Campopiano:
or just reply to this email...I get it either way. 

Best regards,



New versions of the PORT Project are under development We
should be able to make several exciting announcements for
the last part of the summer and the fall in the next



The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has invited the creative
team at artnetweb to build a 3d VRML environment to
present the preeminent Walker collection, including their
beautiful sculpture garden. More about this in future



G.H. HOVAGIMYAN'S ART DIRT RealAudio program can be heard
live every Tuesday from 5 to 6 pm (New York Time) or at
any time from the archives. 

Rachel Greene, editor of Rhizome Internet was the guest June 17.

Upcoming guests include:
Tuesday June 24th
Year 2000 computer breakdown with COBAL specialist
Manny Ferome telling you how bad it really is! 

Tuesday July 1st
Adrianne Wortzel in a remote report
from Lapland near the arctic circle.

Tuesday July 8th
The Mobius group from Boston.

Coming this September:
Watch for the special Ars Electronica Festival
broadcast featuring Festival artists and symposium
participants in Linz and New York.


An Amphitheater for Artists created by
Adrianne Wortzel

After a short stopover in Linz to check out the site for
her Ars Electronica exhibit this September Adrianne is
now frollicking with the reindeer at the University of
Lapland in Tornio, Finland through July. She'll be
reporting back from a workshop sponsored by the MUU
Institute but has, however, already sent word that
it is true, the sun doesn't set there.


Kassel, Germany
June 21 - September 28, 1997

Jordan Crandall and Marek Walczak have created a
BLAST VRML Web site for Documenta X. A VRML 2.0 plugin
is required. 

Geert Lovink and Pit Schultz of the NETTIME Mailiing List
have created *Hybrid* WorkSpace, an open media center,
for the duration of Documenta X.

A Debate Forum has been initiated by director Catherine David
to discuss the concept of Documenta X as a "manifestation
To subscribe send a message to:
with the following line in the BODY of the message:
subscribe debate

A BLAST Forum on spatial articulations, perspectives, and
procedures is also in progress.
For information send a message to:
with the following line in the BODY of the message:
info blast






'Mute' is starting an 'Art News' section for issue #8
coming out in the end of July. If you have any
announcements or news - bearing the release date in
mind - let them know a.s.a.p.
please put 'art news' in the subject header 


September 22-27, 1997
Chicago, Illinois, US

Eighth International Symposium on Electronic Art at
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. More
than 1,000 artists, critics, educators, scientists,
and policy planners from around the world will gather
for a week-long celebration of the electronic arts
and to discuss a broad range of topics related to new
electronic media.



We had the wrong URL for Helen Thorington's TURBULENCE
Web site in the last newsletter. The correct URL is: 

artnetweb BOOKMARKS

Some of the good things we found on
the Web. Many more are listed in our
RESOURCES section:


Black Babble-On
A glimpse at the outsized ego of magazine
-- and now Web -- designer Roger Black.


Multimedia performances by Marc Joseph Sigaud
and Catherine Zittoun. In French with some
English translation.


International Directory of Design
Searchable database of design resources. 


Reviews of exhibitions and other resources
from New York City.


Soap Server
An on-line database version of a soap opera
where visitors can add their own dialogue
and/or read what previous 'soap-surfers'
have written. 


Words of Art
An on-line glossary of theory and criticism for
the visual arts.


Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery
Over 850 Web pages on the life and work of van Gogh. 


A group of artists in Japan who sample and
dub esthetic judgement.


Ground Control
An ongoing communication between artists in
Britain and Lithuania linked through contemporary
art exhibitions in London and Vilnius, a book
and a web site. 


Red Asphalt Nomad
A group of CB radio hackers who cruise the streets
of Texas, crashing the broadcast frequencies of TVs,
radios and drive-through windows.


The City Review
A 'zine devoted to Manhattan affairs and the arts
with a strong emphasis on architecture, planning,
real estate, museums, books and consumer technology. 


Truth Is A Moving Target
A piece by Erwin Redl consisting of text material
he's collected for the last two years.


Guide to U.S. Geospatial and Attribute Data
Starting point for sources of digital geospatial
data and attributes related to the US.


If you have suggestions or contributions send them to:


We like to thank Carmin Karasic and Pixelyze for
supporting artnetweb with the first Pixelyze


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We'd like to welcome the 230 new people that have joined
this newsletter, from last month's 1000-email promotion.
We now have 874 reader. That is a 23% return and a great
vote of confidence in our efforts.

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