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October 1, 1997
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Greetings: OCTOBER brings an exciting change to our newsletter as we welcome INTELLIGENT AGENT Magazine on board as a collaborator. IA is one of the best print resources for information about interactive art and education and now that their print publication has changed from a monthly newsletter to a quarterly magazine there is more time to devote to the Web site as well as helping artnetweb provide you with timely information, reviews and links. We've simplified the newsletter's format to accommodate our working together and make it easier to read. We have categorized the sections as follows: 1. artnetweb news 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT news 3. Reviews of Web sites, CD-ROMs and other media 4. Announcements and Calls for Participation 5. Bookmarks of interesting Web sites We hope you find these changes useful and please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. Best regards, Remo Campopiano president, artnetweb Christiane Paul editor, INTELLIGENT AGENT Robbin Murphy editor, newsletter A hypertext version is available on the Web: ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS ============================================================ CLASSES at the ONLINE EDUCATION CENTER 426 Broome Street New York, NY, US 10013 The artnetweb ONLINE EDUCATION CENTER offers classes both in the physical space of our storefront in New York and on the Internet using e-mail lists, chat and the Web For full course descriptions and syllabi visit our website. If you have questions please contact Remo Campopiano: phone: 212-925-1885 or 508-336-0855 e-mail: LAST CHANCE for the online VRML 2.0 course, call 508-336-0855 by Friday, October 3rd, 5pm EST. ONLINE Classes: 1) VRML: Building 3d Worlds on the Web--begins Oct. 4th; 2) Web Design using Microsoft FrontPage; 3) Photoshop for the Web; 4) Computer-Assisted Sculpture Fabrication. STOREFRONT Classes: 1) HTML: Web Page Design--begins October 9th; 2) Macromedia Director & Multimedia; 3) Video for Multimedia--begins October 19th; 4) Introduction to 3d Studio --------------------------------- PRESS CLIPS Tom Watson writes "INTERNET ART STRUGGLES FOR ITS OWN IDENTITY," a special report on Web-based art in New York City for the Silicon Alley online weekly @NY. --------------------------------- <i> i o l a </i> A guide to projects and writing online. --------------------------------- ART DIRT SCHEDULE A RealAudio WebCast from the Pseudo Online Network G.H. Hovagimyan, host Live every Tuesday, 5-6 pm EST and any time from the archives RECENT GUESTS: 9/23/97 Kathy Brew from Thunder Gulch with gURL co-founders Esther Drill and Rebecca Odes ( 9/16/97 Members of the video performance group THE POOOL ( If you'd like to telephone in during the webcast the number in New York is: 212-925-1391 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS ============================================================ INTELLIGENT AGENT goes magazine! INTELLIGENT AGENT newsletter has been transformed into a 100-page quarterly magazine. Starting with the fall 1997 issue, the expanded INTELLIGENT AGENT will feature more diverse commentary on the use of new media in arts and education. Each issue will combine the articles and artwork of six monthly newsletters. More writers, more projects and a newly designed layout! Our website will continue to be a monthly e-zine featuring reviews, time-based materials, and the FYI section. Excerpts will also be posted monthly in this newsletter. To subscribe to the INTELLIGENT AGENT magazine: SINGLE ISSUE: $ 5.00 Domestic: $19.00 one year (4 issues) -- $ 36.50 two years (8 issues) Foreign (airmail): $34.00 one year, $ 46.50 two years. To subscribe phone: (+1) 212-462-9033 -- 1-888-64AGENT e-mail: or send a check to Hyperactive Corporation P.O. Box 661 New York, NY 10012 The Fall 1997 issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT Magazine looks at the tension between creative exploration of technology and "consumer commodity economics," which plays a prominent role in Robbin Murphy's piece on "TechnoFatigue," Victoria Vesna's article on avatars (excerpt below) as well as an interview with Alexei Shulgin. Another thread is the role consciousness plays in interactive art and immersive environments--discussed in Kenneth Wahl's report on the recent "Consciousness Reframed" conference in Wales as well as G.H. Hovagimyan's essay "Notes on Immersion." Excerpt from: AVATARS ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB: MARKETING THE DESCENT by Victoria Vesna "What is particularly interesting about the commercialization of the Net is that it is largely being driven by yesterday's anti-establishment hippies and nerds who have become overnight millionaires in the software industry. ... When one is caught between a dream and the mass market, it is interesting to look at how these seemingly opposite worlds are taking form. The strange interplay, perhaps contradiction, is best analyzed through our online selves in multi-user environments--also known as "avatars," a word that has now assumed a much narrower meaning than its original theological source." Also in the current issue: COPING WITH TECHNOFATIGUE by Robbin Murphy NOTES ON IMMERSION by G.H. Hovagimyan SEX/MACHINE/ART: FROM MECHANICAL REPETITION INTO ELECTRONIC FLICKER by Joseph Nechvatal GLOBE THEATER ARCHIVES: A BLUE PlANET DISCOURSE by Adrianne Wortzel Plus Interviews, Conference Reports and Reviews 3. REVIEWS (WEB) ============================================================ Featured in the fall issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT The full texts of the reviews will become available online soon: THE TRUTH OUT THERE "DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments" "Atomic Audit: The Costs and Consequences of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Since 1940" "Ironically, 'declassified' information tends to be more shocking to the public than what is labeled 'classified.' Some of the declassified information addressing controversial chapters in U.S. history has been made available online by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and The Brookings Institution." ELECTRONIC BOOKS OF CREATION GRAMMATRON "Mark Amerika's "GRAMMATRON" addresses the idea of spirituality in the electronic age and aspires to be an electronic book of origins, a digital bible. This mass of Digital Being is first and foremost a reflection on the creation of hypertextual narrative and consciousness." Poem Navigator "Merel Mirage's Poem Navigator is dedicated to decoding the origins of a short Chinese poem written in 754 AD by Li Po, a poet from the Tang dynasty. Visitors to the website find each line of the poem and its characters embedded in a frame-within-a-frame structure; they can explore the multiple meanings of the pictograms and the context for each line." NETWORKING COMMUNITIES "LA Culture Net" "The Davis Community Network" "Ideally, community networks make it easier for users to tap into cultural resources, education and community development, thus allowing increased participation in the democratic system. Two examples of different approaches to the creation of a community network are LA Culture Net and The Davis Community Network." 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION ============================================================ DIGITAL STUDIES: BEING IN CYBERSPACE Online event for new media art and theory at altx ( co-organized by Mark Amerika and Alex Galloway. The exhibition goes public November 1st, 1997. The deadline for submissions is October 1st but could be extended for interested parties. Alex Galloway, CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED 2nd International CAiiA Research Conference art and consciousness in the post-biological era 19 - 23 August 1998 Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts University of Wales College, Newport Caerleon Campus PO Box 179 Newport NP6 1YG Wales UK FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON VIRTUAL WORLDS '98 International Multimedia Institute Paris, 1st - 3rd July 1998 WEB NET '97 The Second World Conference of the WWW, Internet, and Intranet October 31- November 5, 1997 Toronto, Canada phone: 804-973-3987 fax: 804-978-7449 e-mail: INTERFACE '97 A forum to discuss the interaction of humanistic concerns with scientific and technological developments. Oct 15 - 17, 1997 Marietta, GA contact: Julie R. Newell phone: 770-528-7481 fax: 770-528-4949 e-mail: 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ Documenta X (cloned) Documenta X is over but the Web site lives on thanks to Vuk Cosic. La Galeria de site from Peru Remembering the Memex A FEED document on Vannevar Bush's classic essay "As We May Think" (1945) with annotations by Michael Joyce, Esther Dyson and others. HyperHistory Online version of the World History Chart by Andreas Nothiger. 7-11 Mailing list dedicated to the exchange and improvement of things. Texts & Contexts Cultivate your garden. bracketbracket An irregular web column. Irregular in content, irregular in timing. SeaWIFS Project NASA's global ocean color monitoring mission providing quantitative data on global ocean bio-optical properties. Web Site Development Tips from Philip Greenspun of MIT. If you have suggestions or contributions send them to: ============================================================ ============================================================ We'd like to thank the following for their generous financial support to the newsletter: ART CALENDAR The Business Magazine for Visual Artists WEB MONSTER Web and Mailing List Hosting PIXELYZE Digital Design You, too, can be listed above by giving a $100 contribution to ARTNETWEB, 426 Broome St., NY NY 10013. Make checks payable to Virtual Real Estate, Inc. Thank you. ============================================================ ============================================================ artnetweb & INTELLIGENT AGENT is published monthly by email If you know of someone who would like to receive our newsletter, you receive duplicate copies or wish to be removed from our mailing list please send a message to: ============================================================ ============================================================ artnetweb 426 Broome Street New York, NY 10013 212-925-1885 INTELLIGENT AGENT Hyperactive Corporation P.O. Box 661 New York, NY 10012 (+1) 212-462-9033 artnetweb & INTELLIGENT AGENT is available on the web at: copyright (c) 1997 artnetweb and INTELLIGENT AGENT

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