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January 7, 1998
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Greetings: JANUARY in New York means streets lined with abandoned Christmas trees awaiting city trucks that will turn them into suburban mulch. Meanwhile, the trees are taking their revenge on distant ski slopes, so far claiming the lives of Michael Kennedy and Sonny Bono. A twist of fate? We're not so sure. Nature is mysterious and we're beginning to think she has a far superior network than our puny Internet. If a tree falls in Manhattan we're not surprised that it makes itself heard on the slopes of Aspen. Millennial dread is in vogue, revolution is in the air. Those who suffered through the excesses of the 'eighties -- without any of the benefits -- hear the alluring sound of revenge at last. The first necks placed on the guillotine seem to be those who have the hubris to call themselves "art critics". As the heads roll and the blood flows we'll keep to our knitting. Happy New Year! Best regards, Remo Campopiano president, artnetweb Christiane Paul editor, INTELLIGENT AGENT Robbin Murphy editor, newsletter ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS 3. REVIEWS (WEB) 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS ============================================================ ADRIFT Jesse Gilbert, Helen Thorington, Marek Walczak, others. The New York Times' Matthew Mirapaul chose "Adrift" as one of the projects to watch in 1998: "Outlook for 1998: Better Online Art and More of It" Arts@Large, January 1, 1998 A streaming networked collaboration between three environments: sound, text, and vrml 3D. More information about Adrift: The next performance is on: 24th January 1998 at 5pm est or --------------------------------- CLASSES at the ONLINE EDUCATION CENTER 426 Broome Street New York, NY, US 10013 The Online FrontPage 98 course is a phenomenal success. Maybe because it is an ideal class to teach online. If you are considering taking this course, and would like to see the course site, send Remo an email request and he'll will create a special temporary User ID and password for you. email: The artnetweb ONLINE EDUCATION CENTER offers classes in both the physical space of our storefront in New York and on the Internet using e-mail lists, tutorials and the Web. For full course descriptions and syllabi visit our web site: If you have questions please contact Remo Campopiano: phone: 212-925-1885 or 508-336-0855 e-mail: ONLINE Classes: 1) Microsoft FrontPage 98 - begins every Monday; 2) VRML: 3d Web Worlds - begins every Monday; STOREFRONT Classes: 1) HTML: Web Page Design - begins January 15th; 2) Introduction to 3d Studio Max - begins every Saturday; 3) Photoshop for the Internet - begins every Tuesday. --------------------------------- CONVERGENCE XI VRML COMPETITION LOOKING FOR STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBERS ARTNETWEB is working with the City of Providence, Rhode Island on the redesign of the Convergence XI web site. As part of this ten-year-old sculpture festival and competition, we are planning a virtual competition for artists working in VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). If you know someone that would like to be on the steering committee for the VRML competition, please send Remo your suggestions. They can be from anywhere in the world as long as they are involved in both VRML and the visual arts. For further information about the real-world Convergence XI Sculpture Competition (Deadline for Applications, January 15th) visit: To make suggestions or comments on the VRML Competition, email Remo at: --------------------------------- ARTNETWEB is in the final stages of the development of a VRML wing to the Walker Art Center's Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis. The URL to the VRML site will be available by next month, or check the Walker web site at: --------------------------------- ARTNETWEB is looking for collaborators in ROBOTICS. If you have expertise in robotics and computer integration, please contact Remo at: --------------------------------- <i> i o l a </i> WRESTLING TIP #21: The best time to move again is right after a successful move. --------------------------------- ART DIRT A RealAudio and Video WebCast from Pseudo Online Network G.H. Hovagimyan, host Live every Tuesday, 5-6 pm EST and any time from the archives RECENT SHOWS: Kathleen Laziza streaming video dance works; a video streamed mini retrospective of Peter Sinclair's installation & performance works; Video Affirmations & Cut Out/Collapsed in by G.H. Hovagimyan; Deus X Machina by Arno Coenen and Rene Bosma. --------------------------------- TAYLOR MEAD FILM FESTIVAL Anthology Film Archives, NYC January 8 - 25, 1998 Classics by the star of stage, screen and every barstool in Manhattan. Schedule: 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS ============================================================ A Preview of the Winter issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT INTELLIGENT AGENT is busy finishing its winter issue, which will go to print this month. A major focus of the forthcoming issue will be one of the dreaded i-words of the digital realm: the interface. Although there have been seemingly endless discussions of the topic since the birth of new media, it is far from exhausted. Interest in the interface seems to have entered a new phase: by now, we are writing the history of interface design and culture, with its conventions, structural peculiarities and limitations. The next issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT will feature an interview with the jodi team who have turned the interface per se into an art form. A further take on the subject is Robbin Murphy's article on "The El Nino Effect." Murphy uses El Nino, Spanish for The Christ Child, as an example of religion as an interface with nature -- a translator and navigational device for the world outside ourselves -- and points out that scientific orthodoxy is partly losing ground because of networks (such as the Internet) that work precisely because there are no definite borders or structures to comprehend. What could take the place of scientific orthodoxy may be new forms of interface design. In "Linking and Filtering, Reading and Writing -- the library, the Web, Ted Nelson, and What's Wrong with Micropayment," Noah Wardrip-Fruin compares libraries and the Web as interfaces in the process of reading and writing, and explores economic models connected to them. Jim Gasperini reviews John Maeda's "Reactive Book Series," which contains both software and book components, exploring common themes in parallel media. The reactive books are exercises in design performed with such rigor of mind that they become spiritual exercises as well. Kenneth Wahl looks at "Serious Games: Art-Interaction-Technology," which was shown at the Barbican Art Gallery in London and is currently on view at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The exhibition's departure is the relationship between the audience and the artwork in an age of accelerated technology. Rather than focusing on technology, "Art-Interaction-Technology" seeks to concentrate on the nature of interaction and how this extends into technology's domain. Many more serious games will be played in the forthcoming issue... INTELLIGENT AGENT magazine is published quarterly. Subscription information for the print version may be found at the end of this newsletter. The INTELLIGENT AGENT website continues to be a monthly e-zine featuring reviews, time-based materials, and the FYI section. 3. REVIEWS (WEB) ============================================================ Featured in the fall issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT. "Universes in Universe" This virtual universe--organized by Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt, in collaboration with Kulturbox Berlin--is an excellent directory covering the arts of Africa, Asia/Pacific, Australia and Central/South America and striving to further intercultural discourse. The site can be searched by continent, country or region and provides information on each country's art history, museums, and galleries; artists, curators, and critics; as well as projects and events. The information at the site is available in English, German and Spanish. A universe worth visiting. "Why not sneeze?" "Why not sneeze?" is a magazine/laboratory hybrid maintained by Michael Gibbs, Brigitte van der Sande, Henriette Dingemans and Mieke Gerritzen. The site strives to create a platform for everyone involved with art and media, and it provides a space for art on and about the Web. Featured at the site are Web-specific projects, a section on theory, as well as critical comments on current exhibitions and events. "Why not sneeze?" doesn't contain a lot of materials yet (it presents mostly art works and criticism by the site's creators), but it serves as a good introduction to art on the Net. "Ocean Walk" Ryoichiro Debuchi 's "Ocean Walk" mixes fact, legend and speculation in an underwater VRML world. "Ocean Walk" is inspired by a mysterious underwater site that was discovered by a diver at the southern bay of Yonaguni Island, Okinawa, in 1986--whether the "ruins" that look like a gigantic staircase pyramid made of stone are a product of nature or the human race is still debated. Visitors can explore the underwater world, ride on a sea turtle or dolphin, and discover the hidden link to the "Dragon Sea Palace" described in the legend of Urashima Taro. It may not be real life diving, but there are similarities: users can dive into a different world--which creates a feeling of both immersion and detachment--and see it through their "mask." "The Medici Archive Project" The Medici Archive Project Inc.--a non-profit corporation based in New York--was founded in 1993 in order to realize the potential of the Medici Granducal Archive, housed in the Archivio di Stato in Florence. The project's website, hosted by Johns Hopkins University, features documentary sources for the arts and humanities (1537-1743); a section on Jewish history, religion, and culture in the Medici Archive as well as a section on the history of costumes and textiles. The site is mostly a linear directory to the Medici Archive's collections, but offers access to a host of valuable resources for everybody interested in this historical period. "Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources" This site, maintained by Laurel Bowman at the University of Victoria, is devoted to the major figures of Greek and Roman mythology as represented in ancient texts and images that are accessible online. "Classical Myth" primarily draws together the ancient sources and illustrations available on the Web but also includes some Renaissance images. For each figure, the texts are grouped by topic, while the images are presented in roughly chronological order. By allowing visitors to see how the portrayal of the mythological figures changed over time, the site creates a "history of representation." 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION ============================================================ [Symposium] A r t S c i 9 8: SEEDING COLLABORATION The Great Hall at Cooper Union, NYC Sat. April 4th & Sun. April 5th, 1998 10am - 6pm each day Research scientists, artists, educators, writers, and science and technology professionals, will present their work in relation to issues of discovery, creativity, innovation, invention, and current career challenges. Presented by: Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) and The Extended Studies Program at The Cooper Union Full Details: [Symposium] THE CULTURE OF INTERACTIVITY Rockefeller University, NYC January 17-18, 1998 A Critical Look at the Computer and How We Interrelate Through It. Presenters include: Heinz von Foerster, Marvin Denicoff, Gary Strong, Monika Fleischmann, Michael Joyce, among others. Conceived and Directed by Regina Cornwell Produced under the auspices of the Visual Arts Foundation in cooperation with the MFA Photo and Related Media Program, School of Visual Arts Information: e-mail: phone: 212-592-2414. [Project Funding] THE WELLCOME TRUST Projects with an emphasis on art and bio-medical sciences. Providing funds ranging from GBP 5,000 to 25,000 to scientists and artists working in partnership. Approximately 6 projects will be funded. Application details: tel. 0171 611 8586 e-mail: website Closing Date February 16th 1998. [Call for Participation] 3rd BUDAPEST INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN/GAY FILM FESTIVAL Budapest, Hungary Final weekend in June 1998 Films and videotapes by, about and of interest to communities of lesbians, gay men, and sexual minorites. There is no entry fee for submissions. Contact: e-mail: or e-mail: Deadline: March 1,1998 [Call for Participation] SIGGRAPH 98 Enhanced Realities Emerging Technologies Program Chicago, Illinois, US July 1998 Anyone can submit a proposal to Enhanced Realities. Groundbreaking innovations implemented with duct tape and twine will be installed side by side with polished corporate and academic research projects. Contact: Janet McAndless Chair, SIGGRAPH 98 Enhanced Realities Sony Pictures Imageworks 9050 W. Washington Blvd., #367 Culver City, CA 90232 +1.310.840.8172 +1.310.840.8256 fax email: Or: SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Administration Capstone Management Group, Inc. 5475 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 103 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 USA email: Deadline for submissions: January 14, 1998. [Call for Participation] CLOSING THE LOOP International Laboratory Time's Up Research Department, AUSTRIA European Cultural Month, Linz, AUSTRIA May-September 1998, Linz Hafen, Austria This call is open to Biomechanics, Pseudo- and Popular Scientists, Artistes and Artists, Perceptual Engineers and other interested parties. The call is being made very widely, and aims to attract a variety of proposals that incorporate a range of tools and methodologies. Further Details: See the CTL'98 conference home page at: [Call for Participation] SHARED VISIONS - CYBERSTAR '98 International competition for interactive environments WDR Cologne, Germany and GMD - German Research Center for Communication Technology, Sankt Augustin Concepts for interactive scenarios in the categories television, internet and stage will be awarded with prizes totalling to DM 35.000. The first prize includes a work term of six months at the GMD where the submitted concept can be realized. Further information and submission guidelines: WDR Cyberstar Germany - 50600 Cologne phone: +49-221-220-6728, fax -6252 email: Submission deadline: March 31st 1998. [Call for Participation] EUROPEAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL 1998 Osnabrueck, Germany 6-10th May 1998 Experimental and innovative works can be submitted on film, video, CD-Rom and the Internet, as well as in the form of installations or performance pieces. Information and application: Internet: The deadline for submissions is 2 March 1998 [Call for Participation] IMMEDIA FESTIVAL Ann Arbor, MI. February 2 - 14, 1998 Digital-hybrid-media show is looking for video, audio, animations, websites, CDroms, installations sculpture, performances -- open to all digitally manipulated/created material. Entry details and submission forms are online at Deadline: Jan.23 1998 [Call for Participation] VRML CONTEST VRML Consortium 3D Design Magazine The contest will encourage and showcase the latest Web content using VRML to bring interactive 3D graphics to the Web. Submission forms are available at: or Deadline: January 16, 1998. [Call for Data] ARTISTIC INTERVENTIONS Kepa Landa Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts NSAD, University of Wales College Newport We are working on a definitive database of artistic interventions which use the internet as a media. We are interested in artworks initiated or completed up until December 1997. This project will culminate in the publishing of a book and a CD-ROM. Information: email: 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ Resources for expatriates and freedom seekers. James Lee Byars An appreciation by John Brockman. SensAble Technologies Their PHANToM haptic interface allows users to more effectively navigate today's increasingly popular 3-D graphics worlds and virtual environments. Monster Constructor Construct a javascript face with the help of Hot Schmitt. NTKnow *the* weekly high-tech sarcastic update for the UK. Flicker Here you will find films and videos that transgress the boundaries of the traditional viewing experience. Joyce Maynard Her life, in detail (including an affair with J.D. Salinger). Allan McCollum Selected texts about the artist and his work. Web Weavers Workshop An extended project-based opportunity for a selected group of artists to develop completed web productions. THE OUTSIDER by Laura Miller Haruki Murakami on the darkness of the subconscious, the Aum Cult subway gas attack and being an individualist in Japan. THE OBELISK by Hakim Bey If you have suggestions or contributions send them to: ============================================================ ============================================================ We'd like to thank the following for their generous financial support to the newsletter: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Program in Film and Video Studies ART CALENDAR The Business Magazine for Visual Artists WEB MONSTER Web and Mailing List Hosting PIXELYZE Digital Design You, too, can be listed above by giving a $100 contribution to ARTNETWEB, 426 Broome St., NY NY 10013. Make checks payable to Virtual Real Estate, Inc. Thank you. ============================================================ ============================================================ artnetweb & INTELLIGENT AGENT is published monthly by email To subscribe send an empty message to: with the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the subject header.

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