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February 5, 1998
vol 3.02

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Greetings: FEBRUARY is traditionally the dullest month of the year so we would like to thank the President of the United States and his friend Monica for providing us with some welcome spectacle to enliven our dreary existence. Best of all, that ugly myth that Americans are sex-hating puritans has been put to rest. If the polls are to be believed few of us care how frisky our Commander in Chief is as long as the economy hums. Frankly, we're jealous since most of us telecommute and don't have an office to fling in anyway. Could that be why our own personal economies are in such bad shape? Instead of a singles bar we could open up an office? Patrons could pick each other up AND we'd get some filing done! In the meantime ARTNETWEB's classes are in session, the new INTELLIGENT AGENT has gone to press and ART DIRT is off to France. Looks like we're all busy but we're sure we could spare time for a few laps around the desk. Best regards, Remo Campopiano president, artnetweb Christiane Paul editor, INTELLIGENT AGENT Robbin Murphy editor, newsletter ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS 3. REVIEWS (WEB) 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS ============================================================ CLASSES at the ONLINE EDUCATION CENTER 426 Broome Street New York, NY, US 10013 ONLINE Classes: 1) Microsoft FrontPage 98 - begins every Monday 2) VRML: 3d Web Worlds - begins every Monday STOREFRONT Classes: 1) HTML: Web Page Design - begins March 12th 2) Introduction to 3d Studio Max - begins every Saturday For more information email --------------------------------- <i> i o l a </i> WRESTLING TIP #15: Take direct shots and shift stance continuously to prevent telegraphing. --------------------------------- ART DIRT A RealAudio and Video WebCast from Pseudo Online Network G.H. Hovagimyan, host Live every Tuesday, 5-6 pm EST and any time from the archives Art Dirt what's new: Lot's of things are happening. Art Dirt will be going to France for a couple of months to report on French cyber arts. The first remote stream will be from Aix-En-Provence Thursday February 26th at 1pm EST. Art Dirt has also been invited to be part of the French cyberarts festival and will stream a program from the webbar in Paris Thursday March 12th, 1pm EST. Seeing as G. H. Hovagimyan the show's host has to do his taxes, he will return to cool cruel NYC for the March 26th Art Dirt, but there will be two more streams from Marseille, France. First off, Thursday April 9th 1pm EST. That date will be extra special, you'll be treated to a special live stream from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseille where G. H. and Peter Sinclair will be premiering their work, "A Soa(p Op)era for Laptops". You will be in the audience. Lastly a final show from Aix-En-Provence Thursday April 23rd 1pm EST. G. H. is in demand as a performance artist so the next Art Dirt, Thursday May 7th, 1pm EST will be streamed from Irvine, California where G. H. is doing an immersive multimedia performance called, "Point of Reference (theory play)". For those of you who are in New York and want to see a G.H. performance, he will be doing a short piece, "Prelude to: A Soa(p Op)era for Laptops", Thursday February 12th, 8pm at Postmasters Gallery in Soho, 80 Greene Street, 2nd floor. For information & reservations 212-941-5711. This is the same piece he performed in San Francisco for Wired magazines' fifth anniversary party. --------------------------------- FRANKLIN FURNACE Franklin Furnace will present new emerging artists live at 5PM, every other Friday, on the Web at Pseudo Programs Inc., February 6 to June 12, 1998: As a new "virtual institution," Franklin Furnace's mission remains to identify and present emerging artists and ideas. With this goal in sight Franklin Furnace is developing a cybercast program of performance art that expands the organization's history of developing and preserving a new art medium and offering resources to emerging artists. Upcoming Webcasts: February 6: HALONA HILBERTZ February 20: BINGO GAZINGO March 6: PATRICIA HOFFBAUER March 20: JON KEITH --------------------------------- BLAST ARTISTIC PRACTICE IN THE NETWORK February 1 - April 30, via mailing list A critical forum presented by Eyebeam Atelier and the X Art Foundation to further a critical discourse on artistic practices in the global communications network. TO SUBSCRIBE send email to with the following single line in the body of the message: subscribe eyebeam-list DETAILS AND ARCHIVE: 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS ============================================================ The next quarterly issue of Intelligent Agent (Vol. 2 No. 2) will be hitting the news-stands this month! Table of Contents: FEATURES "Time Capsule" A project by Eduardo Kac "The El Nino Effect" by Robbin Murphy "Linking and Filtering, Reading and Writing the library, the Web, Ted Nelson, and what's wrong with micropayment" by Noah Wardrip-Fruin "Omnizone--Mapping Perspectives of Digital Culture" by Stephen Pusey and Yu Yeon Kim "Artists and Math" by Lee Harrington EXHIBITION REVIEW "Serious Games: Art-Interaction-Technology" by Kenneth Wahl INTERVIEWS "Screening Our Lives" An interview with Sherry Turkle by Adrianne Wortzel "We Love Your Computer" An interview with Jodi by Tilman Baumgaertel SITE-SPECIFIC "Eyebeam Atelier" Eyebeam Atelier, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of digital arts, is entering a new phase. WEBSITE REVIEWS "Illuminating William Blake" by Robbin Murphy The William Blake Archive "(Psycho)Geography" A review of art websites addressing the issues of cybergeography and online identity. CD-ROM REVIEWS "Arial Landscape Sermons" by Norman Weinstein Sacred and Secular: The Aerial Photography of Marilyn Bridges CD-ROM, Voyager "Digitized Avant-Garde Writing" by Norman Weinstein The Little Magazine, Vol.1 CD-ROM, produced by the English Dpt. of the State University at Albany "Reactive Book Series" by Jim Gasperini Reactive Book Series Floppie disks + CD-ROM by John Maeda FYI EDUCATION + FYI ARTS 20 short website reviews INTELLIGENT AGENT magazine is published quarterly. Subscription information for the print version may be found at the end of this newsletter. The INTELLIGENT AGENT website continues to be a monthly e-zine featuring reviews, time-based materials, and the FYI section. 3. REVIEWS (WEB) ============================================================ Featured in the winter issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT FT2K (Frontier Town 2000) Diane Bertolo's "FT2K" uses the frontier town of the "Wild West" as a metaphor for the exploration of cyberspace. Beyond the obvious analogies of new frontiers, borders and vast space, her frontier town is a virtual theme park (complete with shooting arcade and the obligatory postcard stand) inhabited by ghosts, gunslingers and tourists -- an appropriate metaphor for the continuing commercialization of the Net and its possible consequences."FT2K" is a virtual house of mirrors confronting visitors with distortions of borders, desire, and the appropriation of space -- "a vast projection of desire onto an otherwise blank slate." History of Art For Airports Without Vuk Cosic (who also brought us the clone of the documenta pages after the site had "officially" been taken off the Web) we would have less fun on the Net. "History of Art for Airports" is a study of the iconography we encounter at airports (or as part of other transportation systems): Cosic designs icons that carry the distinctive signature of masters such as Cezanne, Duchamp or Warhol or creatures such as King Kong. Bottom line: at cyber terminals, arrival/departure procedures are a lot more fun! Jackpot Maciej Wisniewski's "Jackpot" is the latest, and certainly most playful, version of the web collider (the collided pages being created by selecting random information from the Web). "Jackpot" makes creative use of a slot machine's interface: three randomly selected websites are displayed in frames of the browser window along with their top level domain names (.org, .edu, .gov etc.). To win the game, players have to match any of the top levels domains: randomness and organization collide. My Boyfriend Came Back From The War Olia Lialina's project uses a frame structure to reflect on personal "wars." Clicking on the comments, questions, or images appearing in a frame causes a "split" of the frame (and conversation) into subdivisions providing more images, questions, and statements. Along with the awareness of the difficulties and impossibilities of communication, an image of more and more complexity evolves. Lialina's style is of simple elegance, proof again that even on the Web less can be more. On Translation - The Internet Project "On Translation - The Internet Project" is part of the series "On Translation" that Antonio Muntadas started in 1994. The project focuses on interpretation, transformation, and changes of meaning through the process of translation. A sentence such as "Communication systems provide the possibility of developing a better understanding between people: in which language?" goes through a chain of translators, who may or may not be using translation devices. The sentence is translated from English to Japanese to German and multiple other languages until the circle is closed with a translation back into English, and the process begins again. Visitors to the website may move their cursors over the image of a spiral, which is "broken down" into the different languages, and follow the results of the translation process or post their own suggestions for a translation. In the age of the "global village," Muntadas uses the Internet to point to cultural differences reflected in language and to the fine line between global communication and global distortion, connection and disconnection. 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION ============================================================ [Call for Papers] VSMM'98 CONFERENCE FutureFusion "Application Realities for the Virtual Age." November 18-20, 1998, Gifu, Japan The 4th International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia will explore the fusion between engineering, art and commerce in virtual reality and multimedia technologies, the VSMM'98 conference will investigate the integration of technical excellence, creative innovation and industry and commercial development. Abstracts Due Date: 30 June 1998 Conference Homepage: [Call for Participation] CLOSING THE LOOP Time's Up Research Department May - September 1998 Call for participation in a series of experiments to take place as a part of the "Safe Harbours" program. Open to Biomechanics, Pseudo- and Popular Scientists, Artistes and Artists, Perceptual Engineers and other interested parties. See further details at [Call for Participation] INFO WAR Ars Electronica Festival Linz, Austria In 1998, under the banner of "INFO WAR", the Ars Electronica Festival of Art, Technology and Society, is appealing to artists, theoreticians and technologists for contributions relating to the social and political definition of the information society. The emphasis here will lie not on technological flights of fancy, but on the fronts drawn up in a society that is in a process of fundamental and violent upheaval. DETAILS [Call for Papers] CENTENNIAL CONGRESS ON M.C. ESCHER Invited speakers from the fields of art, science, mathematics, education, history, psychology, media, and other areas. Contributed papers: Submit a 1-page abstract on a topic directly relating to Escher's life or work by February 15, 1998. DETAILS (USA): (Italy): [Call for Entries] DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA DESIGN Parsons School of Design - 2D and 3D Digital Modeling and Animation - Digital Multimedia (CD-ROM, WWW, Game Design, etc.) - Digital Video - Digital Photography DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: March 2, 1998 DETAILS: 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ YA BASTA! Information on the Zapatista uprising in Mexico. Candy Factory An independent gallery for contemporary art. Split Personality by Nickie Strawberry. TRACY 168 Michael Tracy, aka TRACY 168, is a major founder of the 'graffiti art movement'. Tilman Baumgaertel's Hotlinks The Herodotus of a.k.a. Uses a retrieval assistant for querying large, disparate data sets and websites. Personal Network Computer Molds the best elements of a graphical user interface with the best of the old style command line. Body Parts Body-Art project from Laurens van Rens. Self-Rescue Mechanism IRC collaboration between Jim Dingilian in New York and Alan Phelan in Dublin. Temenos A digital reconstruction of the Athenian Acropolis. net.wars Entire text of a new book by Wendy M. Grossman. Worldview A hypertext site woven by students in the *Critical Thinking on Art and Society* class during the Fall of 1997 at the University of Colorado's Department of Fine Art If you have suggestions or contributions send them to: ============================================================ ============================================================ We'd like to thank the following for their generous financial support to the newsletter: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Program in Film and Video Studies ART CALENDAR The Business Magazine for Visual Artists WEB MONSTER Web and Mailing List Hosting PIXELYZE Digital Design You, too, can be listed above by giving a $100 contribution to ARTNETWEB, 426 Broome St., NY NY 10013. Make checks payable to Virtual Real Estate, Inc. Thank you. ============================================================ ============================================================ artnetweb & INTELLIGENT AGENT is published monthly by email To subscribe send an empty message to: with the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the subject header.

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