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March 6, 1998
vol 3.03

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Greetings: Internet startups crash and burn all the time without much fanfare or regret but for anyone interested in art, the news that one of the most inventive and influential art sites hasn't survived is disheartening. For those who haven't heard, the ada'web Web site has been "defunded" by their corporate parent, Digital City, Inc. (owned in part by AOL), and will cease producing new content. There is, however, word that an art institution outside of New York is interested in maintaining the archives so the material will still be accessible. The staff will go on to other things but the team that grew ada'web out of nothing, literally, will be gone and that's the real shame. The site wasn't designed as much as it was coaxed into being out of dedication and a passion for pushing the edge. That Digital City couldn't find value in that doesn't bode well for the future. Best regards, Remo Campopiano president, artnetweb Christiane Paul editor, INTELLIGENT AGENT Robbin Murphy editor, newsletter ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS 3. REVIEWS (WEB) 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ ============================================================

1. artnetweb NEWS

artnetweb is a collaborative network of people,
projects and things dedicated to access and
exploration of new technologies for artists.
We receive no grants or corporate funding but
survive by teaching classes on-line and in our
storefront and by the generous donations of time
and money from our friends and colleagues.

Some of the things we are involved in are a VRML
project for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and
the annual Convergence Festival in Providence, R.I.
We are also in the planning stages for a VRML fine art
competition to be conducted completely on-line.

We publish this monthly newsletter in conjunction with
Intelligent Agent Magazine and maintain our Web site
as a free service to the on-line art community.


Sharon St. Hilaire
Remo Campopiano
Celebrated their marriage at a ceremony in
Seekonk, Massachusetts on February 21, 1998

The happy couple do not have a joint email
account but congratulations may be cc'd to:



426 Broome Street
New York, NY, US 10013

	ONLINE Classes:
	1) Microsoft FrontPage 98 - begins every Monday
	2) VRML: 3d Web Worlds - begins every Monday
	1) HTML: Web Page Design - begins March 12th
	2) Introduction to 3d Studio Max - begins every Saturday

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<i> i o l a </i>

	Fake that you have lots of energy
	left during a break. Never let on
	to the referee or your opponent
	how tired you really are.



A RealAudio and Video WebCast from
Pseudo Online Network
G.H. Hovagimyan, host
Live every Tuesday, 5-6 pm EST
and any time from the archives 

Art Dirt  will stream a program from the
webbar in Paris Thursday March 12th, 1pm EST.

G. H.  will return to New York for the
March 26th program and then it's back
to Aix-En-Provence for the month of April.


An Amphitheater for Artists created
by Adrianne Wortzel

Lehman College Art Gallery and the Lovinger Theater
in New York City will present Adrianne Wortzel's
Globe Theater, Act II, Scene 1:  Sayonara Diorama,
a multiple-site, electronic media performance
featuring a repertory company of robots and actors
on March 28 and again on April 4, 1998 in the Lovinger
Theater, performances begin at 8 p.m.

Wortzel's installations and theoretical
writings explore the possibilities of new electronic
media in relation to traditional art forms such as opera
and the novel, and use of the internet as a performance




Seeding Collaboration
A Public Symposium
April 4 - 5, 1998
The Great Hall
Cooper Union, NYC

Come and meet 40 of our nation's top scientists,
artists, writers, theorists, educators, industry
reps as they share their current career challenges
in relation to the issues of creativity, invention,
and discovery.  Help us find new avenues for future

KEYNOTES: Agnes Denes, pioneer environmental artist
and Roger Malina, astro-physicist & Editor of
Leonardo Journal (MIT Press). 

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Excerpt from "(Psycho)Geography" -- a review
of websites dedicated to the geography of
cyberspace and online identity
(the full article is featured in
vol. 2 no. 2 of Intelligent Agent


The use of the offline city as a structural model
for online spaces hasn't proven to be the most
successful approach--what appeared to be a method
for easy orientation turned out to limit the
possibilities of the online world. However, the
Web appears to provide an interesting playground
for experimenting with the structures of life on
the other side of the screen and for capturing
their essence. Two projects that both focus on
the city and take a step in this direction are
"Shift City" and "Pedestrian." As Rem Koolhaas
once put it, "The City is an addictive machine
from which there is no escape," and both projects
play with the signifiers of addiction and the
openness of online space.

As the introduction to Seth Ellis' and
Beth McLendon's "Shift City" explains, the
shape of a city at a single moment is a
freeze-frame, a snapshot of that city's
ongoing transformation. Any building or
architectural element becomes a single object
drifting in a sea of images, interwoven with
words and meanings that become indistinguishable
from the images themselves. The image becomes
overloaded meaning, containing the ruins of every
previous moment, archaic usages, and forgotten
expressions.Shift City strives to make a new
context and place -- a city of transformation --
arise from the fragments of information. Allowing
users to explore a collage of elements from a city
such as hydrants, traffic and its sound, or rumors,
"Shift City" raises awareness of the symbol and its
floating signification.

Annette Weintraub's "Pedestrian: walking as meditation
and the lure of everyday objects" takes a similar
approach to the subject.The project evokes the
resonance of urban space through chance encounters
with ordinary objects that have the capacity to
trigger altered states of memory and reverie."Walking"
through episodic sections, such as "Reverie of Objects,"
"Neon Nocturne," or "Shoe Mortality," visitors encounter
signifiers of the city as well as floating words and
sentences that open spaces for meditation on the urban
environment."Pedestrian" is a navigable collage, a thick
soup of signs, names, and brands that uses elements of
the city's addictive machinery to create an almost
contemplative space that makes the city feel magical
rather than oppressive.

Featured in the winter issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT

Arte en Red
"Arte en Red," maintained by Laura Baigorri, is a
directory covering contemporary art in general and
electronic art in particular. Updated monthly,
this (spider) web is a useful resource offering
excellent selections with categories ranging from
art centers, museums & galleries, art sites, and
artists, to magazines, research & education as
well as critical texts & debates.

Casa das Rosas
According to its manifesto, "Casa das Rosas"
-- based in Sao Paulo -- "faces the challenge and
challenges all": this virtual gallery strives
to translate and codify the language that will
pervade the leap to a new (electronic) civilization.
"Casa Das Rosas" is a space to watch and visit:
the site features interesting online exhibitions,
contests and Web-specific works (among the recent
projects was Eduardo Kac's Time Capsule). Not all
of the information at the site is available in

Cold War International History Project
As part of the Woodrow Wilson International
Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., CWIHP
provides public access through this site to
historical materials pertaining to the Cold War
as well as new information recently obtained from
the former Communist bloc. A simple registration
procedure is required in order to enter the library
and discussion groups but once access is obtained,
the interface is extremely efficient and documents
are easily located by using a variety of index "views"
(keyword, subject, year, etc.) or the site's search
engine. The subject matter may be too specific for
the general public but anyone with even a casual
interest in Cold War politics will find this site
of great value.

Project Archelogos
Mastering the complex ideas of Plato or Aristotle
will never be easy but  the goal of "Project
Archelogos" -- funded by public and private sources
in Greece and Cyprus -- is to make their concepts
more accessible to non-philosophers, particularly
advanced high school and university students. This
online database organizes philosophical arguments
into conceptual structures of interdependence; it
may be searched for academic analyses of ancient
texts as well as alternative readings of each
passage from different sources over the past two
thousand years. Visitors are currently introduced
to Plato's Protagoras through a multimedia application
called LogAnalysis that acts as a front-end to the
database. Though the shockwave demo version doesn't
function particularly well at this point it is still
an admirable attempt to use hypertext in a manner
that even Socrates might appreciate.

Truth is a Moving Target
"Truth may have died as an ideology or religion but
it still has to serve as a skeleton of our project
called 'life'," as Erwin Redl explains in the
introduction to his project. We still have to rely
on "certainties" to bridge the gaps between the
split-seconds, which is exactly what "Truth is a
Moving Target" does. On the background of a grid,
fleeting sentences--in almost random order and with
ambiguous meanings--take the form of an interactive
crossword puzzle and momentarily bridge gaps. Users
may click on the grid and influence how the piece
develops; if they don't  provide any input, the
program code itself builds a constantly changing
grid of sentences. "Truth is a Moving Target" is
yet another take on the flexible structure of
meanings, which finds a perfect medium in the
Web with its randomness and possibilities of
linking and bridging distances.


[Call for Participation
September 7 - 12,  1998
Linz, Austria

	Under the banner of "INFOWAR", the Ars
	Electronica Festival of Art, Technology and
	Society, is appealing to artists, theoreticians
	and technologists for contributions relating to
	the social and political definition of the
	information society. The emphasis here will
	lie not on technological flights of fancy, but
	on the fronts drawn up in a society that is in
	a process of fundamental and violent upheaval.
	Entry deadline: 30 April 1998

	An InfoWar forum moderated by Ricardo Dominguez
	will start on March 5, on the new Thing bbs
	system at:

[Call for Participation]
International Competition for
Interactive Media Environment
Cologne, May 1998

	Supports cooperation between artists, designers,
	media and computer experts. Innovative concepts
	for interactive scenarios in the categories
	television, internet and stage will be awarded.
	Entries presenting for example  virtual communities,
	virtual classrooms or avatar performance worlds shall
	reflect and develop "Shared Visions".
	Entry deadline: 31 March 1998

[Call for Submissions]
Museums and the Web:
An International Conference
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
April 22-25, 1998

	An online exhibition of juried and curated
	net art projects for which the Net is both
	a sufficient and necessary condition of
	There will be an accompanying online
	discussion forum from April 4 to
	May 10, 1998
	Submission deadline: 9 March 1998
	Submit URLs of specific projects
	for consideration to

[Call for Submissions]
Mapping Perspectives of Digital Culture
PLEXUS (launches May 1998)
EXIT Art, New York City
(opens September 19th, 1998)

	A permanent development area on PLEXUS
	and an installation at EXIT Art
	organized by Yu Yeon Kim and Stephen Pusey
	to map digital culture through the work of
	cultural practitioners who are invited to
	supply texts and digital works that substantiate
	a critical view of digital culture and its
	dynamics, and function (however obtusely)
	as maps of digital space and culture.

[Call for Web Designer/Artist]
Media Visual Arts Department
Banff, Alberta, Canada.

	Looking for a web designer/artist
	for it's new Multimedia Institute
	series of programmes. Final design
	to be on-line and functionable by
	April 1, 1998.
	Deadline: 16 March 1998


	An experimental software package
	designed to aid in the sociological
	study of the Internet with a current
	focus on Usenet.

Atlas of Cyberspaces
	Maps and graphic representations of
	the geographies of the new electronic
	territories of the Internet,
	WWW and other emerging Cyberspaces

Federal Emergency Management Agency
	Every year, millions of Americans
	face disaster, and its terrifying

Time & Bits: Managing Digital Continuity
	An integrated technical and
	philosophical discussion of digital
	archives and their future with
	Stewart Brand, Brian Eno,
	Bruce Sterling and others.
	Adversarial collaborations between
	Janet Cohen, Keith Frank and Jon Ippolito.

A Humument Home Page
	The work of Tom Phillips, creator
	of "A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel"

Stick Figure Death Theatre
	Noir gif animations by Matt Calvert.

	Active resistance to the oppression
	of time by Cary Peppermint.

	Homepage of Estonian artist
	Nelli Rohtvee.

	Net.poetry from Krumm.

	Net art projects and information
	from Switzerland.

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