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May 1, 1998
vol 3.04/5

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Greetings: SPRING FEVER hit us
hard around here,
which explains why
there was no April
edition of this
newsletter. Now
that we've got
our rutting and
frolicking out
of the way
-- at least for this season -- it's back to the more mundane business of growing our global media empire with this SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE. Picky consumer watchdogs out there will probably wag their fingers at us and complain that since there isn't twice the content this can't REALLY be called a "double issue." Our response? We roll our eyes then suggest they read Friedrich Kittler's "Literature, Media, Information Systems" (G+B Arts International) and subscribe to the Ars Electronica INFOWAR mailing list ( That should keep them busy while we go back to bed and catch up on some of that sleep we lost in April. Best regards, Remo Campopiano president, artnetweb Christiane Paul editor, INTELLIGENT AGENT Robbin Murphy editor, newsletter ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS 3. REVIEWS (WEB) 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ ============================================================

1. artnetweb NEWS
artnetweb is a collaborative network of people,
projects and things dedicated to access and
exploration of new technologies for artists.

	ARTNETWEB.COM and MOOBIRD.COM were included in
	"The Internet Design Project: The Best of
	Graphic Art on the Web" (Universe Publishing),
	a sourcebook for designers, art directors and
	new media consultants.

ROBBIN MURPHY (co-founder of ANW) will be
part of a panel on legal aspects of art and
the Internet at the "Virtual Museums
on the Internet" Symposium organized by the
ARCH Foundation in Salzburg, Austria
May 8-10, 1998, in collaboration with the
Guggenheim Museum, ZKM, Illuminations,
University of Applied Arts, Vienna and

	"A Soa(p Op)era for Laptops" was a big hit at
	the Musee D'art Contemporain in Marseille, France
	-- they had to do a second performance to meet
	the demand. Next stop for G.H. will be UC Irvine
	to do the performance of "Theory Play" with HANS
	BREDER for an international conference of philosophers.

	Keep up with G.H. through his ART DIRT site on
	Pseudo's ChannelP:
BEYOND INTERFACE is the on-line exhibition
organized by STEVE DIETZ -- Director of New
Media Initiatives at the Walker Art Center
-- for the recent "Museums and the Web
Conference '98" in Toronto. More than
another collection of art links Dietz
provides a curatorial interface with comments
by the jurors and background material from
the artists. Among the works in
Beyond Interface are:

an evolving multi-dimensional on-line
virtual environment for a planned
"museum of me".

who describes his project as "Intermittent
exposures from the other sides of here."
and "A continuing series of telematic media

The BEYOND INTERFACE exhibition on-line:

	Media Breeder EBON FISHER will speak at the
	AIGA (Association for Independent Graphic
	Artists) New Media Conference, May 8-9, 1998
	in Seattle: (206) 362-4007.
	Articles on Ebon's AlulA Dimension can be
	found in the January '98 "Performing Arts
	Journal" (PAJ) and the February issue of the
	Italian architecture magazine, DOMUS, as well
	as on-line at the current edition of SANDBOX:
	Ebon's homepage:

JERELYN HANRAHAN will present her New York
installation of "Gesture As Value" in the center
of the financial district in the
lobby of The New York Information Technology
Center at 55 Broad Street May 6 - 27, 1998.

Hanrahan collects original gestures --
paintings, drawings, xeroxes, etc. 
from a multilingual/multidisciplinary
international community -- on small pieces
of paper the size of an American dollar and
distributes them through bank ATM machines.
The individual using the  ATM must deposit
their own gesture in order to receive another.

For more information about how to participate
and future installation sites:


426 Broome Street
New York, NY, US 10013

	ONLINE Class:
		Microsoft FrontPage 98

		1) HTML: Web Page Design
		2) Introduction to 3d Studio Max

For more information visit the ED-CENTER site,
or email

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Intelligent Agent MagazineIntelligent Agent is a quarterly print magazine
on interactive media in arts and education. The
current issue (vol. 2 no. 2) is available
in bookstores throughout the US.

Selections from the articles featured in the
magazine are available at the Intelligent Agent

If you're interested in subscribing to the
Intelligent Agent print magazine, please check
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For INTELLIGENT AGENT, spring began with "jury duty"
at THAW 98, the festival of independent film, video
and digital media at the University of Iowa
( THAW is one of
the few festivals that considers digital media
part of the "moving image," which opened up space
for interesting discussions between filmmakers
and digital artists. The festival's digital show
still was comparatively small, but drew a large
audience and provided an interesting venue for
showcasing digital art in a crossover environment.
(The first prize in the digital category went to
Ken Kobland's "Menazh Square 1:20 PM / Sept.16
1990" -- 

Propelled by the enthusiastic responses to the
current issue, the Intelligent Agent team is
now busy creating a worthy successor. The
next issue will cover a wide array of topics
including immersive environments, soundscapes,
VRML/3D and a profile of the 3D character
animation group at the Academy of Media Arts
in Cologne; a "short" history of net art and
reflections on the Terrible Twins of western
culture, Art and Science; as well as an
interview with artist Krzystof Wodiczko
who created various communication tools for
immigrants and "strangers" and is working
on the next, "gesture-sensitive" generation
of his "portable public address equipment"
Alien Staff, which resembles a biblical
shepherd's rod and is equipped with
communications tools.

Featured in vol. 2 no. 2 of INTELLIGENT AGENT

Judging by the number of websites that focus on
"survival of the fittest," Darwin seems to be
experiencing a Web-revival; the trend doesn't
come as a surprise considering that we live in
the age of electronic reproduction. Among the
sites that explore personal evolution in the
digital realm:

"An artists kit for survival"
"An artists kit for survival," compiled by
Shoshana Cohen, focuses on the constituents
determining the survival of the artistically
fittest. The kit provides a framework of data
relevant to the current situation and survival
of the artist. The organizational structure
covers basic elements of story-telling--who,
what, how, where/when and why--and leads into
a network of visual/textual elements and diagrams
that offer models for describing the complex
interelationship between content, context, media,
interaction etc. The decisively analytical
approach may not provide for a kit of practical
tools but it visualizes the network of complexity
any artistic enterprise is embedded in. 

"Alter Ego"
Taking a more literal approach to the geography
of the artist's ego, Reynald Drouhin's Alter Ego
focuses on bodyscapes. A series of body scans,
quicktime movies, gif animations and "scenery
projections" explores allegories of narrowness
and space between all me/others/me and the other.

"The Persistant Data Confidante"
Combining montage and innermost feelings with
reproduction, "The Persistant Data Confidante"
(by Paul Vanouse, Lisa Hutton & Eric Nyberg)
fuses several elements of the above mentioned
sites. It could be described as an exercise
in democratic confidentiality. "The Persistant
Data Confidante" provides an anonymous forum
for those who long to indulge in confessions
and secrets with people they've never met.
The project is strictly user-curated: anybody
can post a secret, and the approval ratings
of visitors decide how long a confession
survives. Secrets that don't find the
community's approval are democratically
eradicated by low ratings. The retelling
of secrets by nature leads to distortion,
and "The Persistant Data Confidante"
democratizes the process: as secrets are
retold and age, they become capable of
producing offspring. Secrets that have
experienced many re-tellings and belong
to the top 10% in popularity, will mate
with a secret of similar content --
producing an offspring composed of major
clauses from the two parents. Newborn
secrets then try to survive the harsh
environment of the database by gaining
user approval.

"American History Online"
Educational publisher Longman (an imprint
of Addison Wesley Longman) has taken full
advantage of the Web by using it both to
promote their American history textbooks
and to create a database that builds on
those texts with interactive practice
tests, downloadable maps, primary sources,
activities and extensive links to other
sites on the Web. A well-designed interface
and good search engine make the database
easy to navigate and the result is an
excellent resource for anyone with an
interest in American history--even if
they aren't teachers--and a bonanza for
students who may need some guidance
when searching for material online. 

"Literature of the Holocaust"
This is an extensive collection of links
culled from the Internet and other
resources by Alan Filreis, Professor of
English at the University of Pennsylvania,
for his class on "The Literature of the
Holocaust." The theme of holocaust is taken
in its broadest context -- from African slave
trade to recent controversies over Gay and
Lesbian rights--so a simple but useful word
search engine aids visitors to locate material
that may be of particular interest to them.
A helpful "News" section highlights the most
recent additions, and a visit to Prof. Filreis'
homepage explains his interesting ideas about
using the Internet as an educational tool.


June 5-7, 1998
Florence, Italy

	An open-air festival, a meeting, a hacking
	party, a pause for reflection, an occasion
	of public learning, an act of rebellion and
	an exchange of ideas, experiences, dreams,
	utopias and love.

	Mailing List:
		You can join the mailing list
		Send a message at
		writing in the body field 
		'subscribe hackmeeting'

[Call for Entries]
Net Art Exhibition
September 1998

	Open to queer artists with Internet-based work.
	Jurors: Aaron Betsky, Curator of Architecture
	and Design, SFMOMA, Shu Lea Cheang, installation
	artist/filmmaker/cyber homesteader, Amsterdam,
	Alex Galloway, Rhizome Internet, New York,
	Rachel Greene, Rhizome Communications, New York,
	Ed Gilbert, Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco,
	Robert Atkins, author/critic.
	Entry deadline: July 1. No entry fee. 


[Call for Proposals]
New Art Center
Newton, Mass, U.S.A.
April 2 - May 23, 1999

	Curatorial proposals for a seven week exhibition
	in the Main Gallery in conjunction with the
	Boston Cyberarts Festival. Can encompass any
	artistic endeavor in which computer technology is
	used to expand the artistic possibilities - that
	is, where the computer and it's associated software
	are an element of the creative process in the same
	way that paint or film have always been used to
	express an artist's vision.

	Proposal deadline: June 12, 1998

	Contact for guidelines:
	PHONE: Pat Kellogg Friedman (617) 964-3424

[Call for Entries]
Mail/E-Mail Art Exhibition
Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
June 4 - 19, 1998

	Non-curated exhibition - all work received
	will be included and all contributed work
	given away when the show ends. Contributors
	will receive illustrated documentation including
	samples of work from the show and the names
	and addresses of all participants.

	The theme is the exploration of the relationship
	between art, anarchy and protest. However, the
	first rule of anarchy being that there are no
	rules, this needn't be too literal.

	Entry deadline: 31 May 1998 (although
	works received during the exhibition will
	also be included.

	Mail entries to:
	Demanding the Impossible
	66 Blessington Street
	Dublin 7

	Contact: Gary Crighton

[Call for Entries]
Helsinki, Finland
October 9 - 18.1998

	Annual Nordic media arts festival at the
	Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, the
	Otso Gallery and the Cable Gallery.
	Interesting venue, well-funded,
	well-documented, in a technically savvy

[Call for Entries]
SEAFair '98
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts
Skopje, Macedonia
October 2 - 9, 1998

	VR, WWW, Net-Linked, CD-ROM  exhibition
	bringing together International web  artists,
	multimedia artists, media critics,  theorists,
	and philosophers, as well as the interested audience.

	Entry deadline: July 15, 1998

[Call for Entries]
Melbourne, Australia
July 23 - August 9, 1998

	Festival plans to include an exhibition of
	interactive cd-roms and a screening program
	of new computer animation shorts and videos,
	along with a number of artists talks and
	forums on digital filmmaking and interactive
	media and it's impact on screen culture.
	Entry deadline: May 20, 1998
	Contact: Martine Corompt or Ian Haig
	EMAIL: or

[Call for Entries]
3rd International Videoart, Film and Media Festival
Palermo, Italy
October 2 - 10, 1998

	Entry deadline: July 31, 1998


Santa Monica, California, USA
September 23 - 26, 1998

	"Knowledge Creation - Knowledge Sharing -
	Knowledge Preservation" is the theme for the
	annual conference, a key professional event
	for all concerned with information technology
	and museums
	EMAIL: Leslie Johnston,

[Call for Papers]
The International Conference on VSMM'98
"FutureFusion: Application Realities for the Virtual Age"
November 18 - 20, 1998
Gifu, Japan

	Specifically focused on the use of virtual
	reality in World Heritage applications.
	Topics include but not limited to:
	Architectural and artifact construction,
	complex adaptive environments, education,
	entertainment, historical information
	presentation, planning and simulation,
	3D Geography & remote sensing, restoration,

	Abstracts Due Date: 30 June 1998
	Notice of Acceptance: 30 July 1998
	Manuscript Due Date: 25 September 1998



Complete Works of William Shakespeare
	Searchable database from Jeremy Hylton.

Up to 625
	Matt Mullican Web piece originally on the
	Documenta X site.

Futurism: Manifestos and Other Resources
	F.T. Marinetti and friends embrace the
	exciting new world of speed, noise, machines,
	pollution, and cities in 1909.
	Encyclopedia of graphical symbols
	and their meanings.

Zoetrope: All-Story
	Print and on-line magazine, founded by
	Francis Ford Coppola, dedicated to finding
	and publishing the best new voices in
	short fiction.

Ellen: Architect of Change
	Autobiography of Ellen Pronk from Rotterdam.

	Private art patronage scheme from
	Britain best known for commissioning
	Rachel Whiteread's "House".

A Handshake in Thought
	The life and letters of Vincent van Gogh.

American Literary Classics
	Mellville, Poe, Twain, Alcott and
	others plus a special "Chapter a Day".

Marx/Engels Internet Archive
	Searchable research material and/or
	general reading pleasure for those
	interested in this epoch-shaping
	stream of thought.

The National Initiative for a Networked
Cultural Heritage (NINCH)
	A broad coalition of arts, humanities and
	social science organizations formed to
	assure the fullest possible participation
	of the cultural sector in the new digitally
	networked environment. 

Stanford Presidential Lecture Series
	Individual Web sites developed for
	lecturers including	Christo and
	Jeanne-Claude, Peter Eisenman,
	Helene Cixous, and Harold Bloom.

If you have suggestions or contributions send them to:


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	Program in Film and Video Studies

	The Business Magazine for Visual Artists

	Web and Mailing List Hosting

	Digital Design

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