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June 8, 1998
vol 3.06

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Greetings: SUMMER in
New York City
means streets filled
with Hollywood film
crews telling us
where and when we
can walk in our
own neighborhoods.
Alas, the thrill of a glimpse of Courtney Love or Matt Damon in the flesh dims when you have to walk a block out of your way to buy a morning coffee or face yet another recent NYU film grad armed with a walkie-talkie and an attitude. Besides, in this era of The Truman Show, live JeniCams and government surveillance who needs spoiled overpaid movie stars? We're all famous, not for fifteen minutes but all the time. And when Disney finally makes the final payment and owns the rest of the world we'll have the perfect soundstage for our lives. We can't wait. Meanwhile: Ebon Fisher leaves his beloved Brooklyn for the farmlands of Iowa; Fakeshop, Omnizone and Location One combine physical and digital exhibition spaces; and Joan Didion takes a look at the Unibomber Manifesto. Details, below. Best regards, Remo Campopiano president, artnetweb Christiane Paul editor, INTELLIGENT AGENT Robbin Murphy editor, newsletter ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS 3. REVIEWS (WEB) 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ ============================================================

1. artnetweb NEWS
artnetweb is a collaborative network of people,
projects and things dedicated to access and
exploration of new technologies for artists.


	The text of ROBBIN MURPHY's talk for the
	Virtual Museums on the Internet Symposium
	sponsored by the ARCH Foundation in
	Salzburg last month is on-line. Titled
	"Art and Legal Ambiguity on the Internet"
	he looks at how some artists are using
	legal ambiguity in their work on the net:

	Another symposium participant, ALONZO ADDISON
	of UC Berkeley's Center for Environmental Design
	Research, is one of the organizers of the
	"3rd Int'l Workshop on Cities, Design, and the
	Internet" in Sassuolo, Italy, June 3-12. The
	workshop documents the heritage/culture/architecture
	of the city using digital technology. Information
	about this and past projects are on the Web:
	ARCH Foundation:


Wiggling EBON FISHER writes:

        Presumably due to my estrangement from the
        real world and my tendency to live in a
        virtual one, I've just been asked to become
        an assistant professor at the University of
        Iowa (in Iowa City) to direct a new program
        in "Digital Worlds."

and also...

        A book just came out, "Cybergrace," by
        Jennifer Cobb (Crown books). In her
        summation she gave most of a page to the
        Wigglism Manifesto and quoted me saying
        this and that about subjective ecology.

        ...and she gave the URL to Wigglism on artnetweb!

        Ebon Fisher

        AlulA/VRML 3D:



        A Performative Installation
        with Remote Data Hookup
        Three Saturdays in June
        6, 13, 20, 1998
        8 pm
        Duration: 4 hours
        Location: 90 No. 11th st.
        Williamsburg Bklyn NY

        An installation project which will exist
        simultaneously in a real, physically-constructed
        space and an artificial, digitally-generated one.
        It is a techno-poetic response to a scene sampled
        from the movie Coma, in which a room full of
        bodies, involuntary donors of their own organs,
        lie suspended in a state of perpetual coma.

        Remote participants will be invited to co-inhabit
        the 'virtual' dwelling.  A VRML avatar creation
        program will enable participating users to create
        a 'blank'  to match their specifications (body
        type and size) and place them in this imagined

        Biospasm,  a website for electronic civil
        disobedience in response to the issues involved
        in this piece, can be found at:

        Web specific entry into Multiple Dwelling
        can be found at:

        To View through browser:


426 Broome Street
New York, NY, US 10013

	ONLINE Class:
		Microsoft FrontPage 98

		1) HTML: Web Page Design
		2) Introduction to 3d Studio Max

For more information visit the ED-CENTER site,
or email

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Intelligent Agent MagazineIntelligent Agent is a quarterly print magazine
on interactive media in arts and education. The
current issue (vol. 2 no. 2) is available
in bookstores throughout the US.

Selections from the articles featured in the
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While working on the next issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT,
we still try to make time for keeping track of the
developing projects of the magazine's contributors
and featured artists.

The current issue of Intelligent Agent (2.2)
includes an introduction to OMNIZONE, a website
project organized by Plexus and focusing on
mapping perspectives of digital culture. The
OMNIZONE website was introduced at Thundergulch's
video wall on May 26 and will finally be launched
in mid-June ( Several
of the participating artists presented their
projects and proved that OMNIZONE is a site to
watch out for.

Among the works included are "Trash Collector"
by Maciej Wisneiwski (who has become an expert
in the field of webpage recycling), Sawad Brook's
"Monument" and Noah Wardrip-Fruin's take on agent
software that helps you grieve with the vanished
pages leaving you with nothing but an error

On June 3, Location One, a not-for-profit
organization devoted to the recognition of
innovative contemporary artists, presented
"Reconnaissance I," a multimedia event combining
music, sound, dance, and performance elements
with video and robotics, as well as computer
and Internet technology. "Reconnaissance I"
was the first New York-Tokyo teleconference
collaboration presented by Location One. A live
Butoh dance performance (accompanied by Elliot
Sharp's music) was broadcast over the Internet
in a virtual environment set up by Floating Point
Unit. The walls of "Studio 601" -- where the event
took place -- were illuminated by the virtual Butoh
dance environment, projections by The Poool,
Jae Sil Byun et al., and scenes from Adrianne Wortzel's
multimedia play "Sayonara Diorama" (based on Wortzel's
"Globe Theater Archives" published in Intelligent
Agent vol. 2 no.1), which premiered at Lehman College, NY,
in March. One of Wortzel's robots mingled with the
audience and recorded/projected the events all evening.

The windows opened by the multiple projections and the
"real" windows framing a view of the Hudson river and
lower Manhattan, made Studio 601 the ideal space for
exchanging views on multimedia art.

Location One, which has affiliated spaces in Zurich,
Naples, Marseilles and Barcelona, plans to open a
permanent exhibition space in New York soon.

Christiane Paul

Featured in vol. 2 no. 2 of INTELLIGENT AGENT

"An artists kit for survival"
"An artists kit for survival," compiled by
Shoshana Cohen, focuses on the constituents
determining the survival of the artistically
fittest. The kit provides a framework of data
relevant to the current situation and survival
of the artist. The organizational structure
covers basic elements of story-telling--who,
what, how, where/when and why--and leads into
a network of visual/textual elements and diagrams
that offer models for describing the complex
interelationship between content, context, media,
interaction etc. The decisively analytical
approach may not provide for a kit of practical
tools but it visualizes the network of complexity
any artistic enterprise is embedded in. 

"Conversation with Angels"

Another multi-user Internet project allowing
real-time chat between users in a virtual world
is "Conversations with Angels" by AMPCOM (Andy Best
and Merja Puustinen). "Conversations" uses
VRML 2.0 together with Sony's Community Place
plugin for Netscape, and visitors can pick or
change their avatar to interact with other people.
What distinguishes the project from other "chat
worlds" is the fact that users encounter robot
characters that inhabit the 3D spaces permanently.
The robot personalities who are based on real
people and experiences are not your average angels
and have the potential to put an interesting twist
on the conversations. Among the characters are a
serial killer, a redneck survivalist, a single
mother and a lesbian princess-angels of the "real"
virtual world.

"Flame War"

Linking territory and human behavior, Judy
Malloy's "Flame War" offers a completely different
take on exploring our psyche. As Malloy points out,
the movement west and appropriation of territory
in 19th century America wasn't exactly characterized
by the politeness of human behavior; in the constant
struggle for existence, barroom brawls, shootouts,
holdups, hangings and massacres were commonplace.
No wonder "netiquette" has become such a
much-discussed topic in the exploration and
appropriation of Internet territory in the late
20th century. "Flame War" makes its contribution
to netiquette by providing an outlet for our anger
and frustration: visitors to the site are allowed
to post their verbal "flames," which will appear
on the battleground of the browser window (warning:
there may be flames that are so potent that they
will burn up on reentry and won't be seen again).
Flames are organized according to addressees,
such as Uncle Sam, the Boss, or Bill Gates.
If the number of flames that certain people
receive is an indication of how much virtual
territory they hold, the outcome of the war
seems to be business as usual: a major amount
of flames goes to Bill Gates.

"Last Entry: Bombay, 1st of July"

Starting from Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando
(written in 1928), "Last Entry: Bombay, 1st of
July" creates a "virtual profile" of identity
in the networked community. The premise is
intruiging; Woolf's "Orlando" -- the biography
of a figure who travels through time and space,
centuries and cultures, switching gender and
identities -- now reads like a visionary metaphor
of the Internet. The website takes the form of a
travel log/diary/narrative montage: visitors are
invited to contribute their stories, thus involving
Orlando into their own (virtual) background and
bringing him/her into contact with others. Users
can also go to a page where they can download
images of Orlando's latest appearance in order
to change and use them in their own episode.The
interface organizes episodes in the form of the
profile of a head consisting of micro-profiles.
The web of episodes, interweaving the realities
and fictions of identity, opens up possibilities
for an elaborate game with casual encounters and
destiny (even if contributions don't necessarily
live up to the potential of the project).


Herve Graumann's "l.o.s.t." sums up the
feelings many of us experience while exploring
cyber-geography. Visitors to the site encounter
a black space and their cursors take the form
of a white circle. Moving around the circle,
one realizes that it is a kind of flashlight
which allows to explore the dark space. With
the help of the light, one discovers what
could be the scribblings on the wall left
by somebody forever lost in cyberspace,
endlessly circling -- a tiny data body that
has become indistinguishable from the writing
on the wall.

"unendlich, fast... "

Holger Friese's "unendlich, fast..." ("infinite,
almost...") is the ultimate minimalist approach
to cybergeography-an effective take on the
limitations and limitlessness of the browser
window. Visitors to the site encounter nothing
but a blue background in their browser and can
endlessly scroll down the blue color field. Infinity
captured in a window-an aesthetic dream come true.


[Call for Participation]
June 26-29, 1998
UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

        The Sixth International Conference on
        Artificial Life (Life and Computation:
        the Boundaries are Changing) will bring
        together people interested in constructing
        life-like systems and exploring the
        boundaries of life/non-life.

        The University of California, Los Angeles,
        at the Sunset Village conference center.

        June 15th, 1998


[Call for Questions]

        The College Art Association Committee on
        Intellectual Property (CIP) plans to publish
        a guidebook of questions and answers pertaining
        to copyright issues of concern to art historians,
        scholars and artists. The committee is calling
        for questions to be included in this publication.
        Questions may concern any aspect of copyright law
        relevant to the use of the Visual Arts by scholars,
        teachers and artists, including, but not limited to
        international law, rights of artists, use of public
        domain, publishing issues, use of World Wide Web,
        distance education, multi-media, fair use and
        obtaining rights and permissions.

        Robert Baron, chair
        CAA Committee on Intellectual Property
        P.O. Box 93
        Larchmont, NY 10538

        (If responding by e-mail, kindly place
        the initials CIPQA in the subject
        line of your message.)

[Call for Papers and Panelists]
New Media Arts in Advanced Technology Culture
March 29-31, 1999
University of Luton, UK

        Creativity and Consumption will explore
        theoretical issues around the  'content'
        and 'use' of digital technology in order
        to promote a critical understanding of
        new media products and the context in
        which they circulate.

        DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: September 30, 1998


[Call for Papers]
March 17-19, 1999
Gif-sur-Yvette, France

        The Gesture Workshop is an interdisciplinary
        event for those researching gesture-based
        communication and who want to meet and
        exchange ideas across disciplines.

        September 12, 1998: Full paper submissions
        December 11, 1998: Poster and Demo submissions

        Gesture Workshop '99
        LIMSI - CNRS
        F-91403 ORSAY cedex

[Call for Artists]
Art in the Industrial Zone
May/June, 1999
Kunstpflug e.V. Baitz, Germany

        We plan to concentrate on a special
        regional theme: the new light-industry
        factory zones that have established
        themselves in this area just outside
        the Berlin suburbs. An exhibition will
        be organized on the factory grounds
        including the following artworks:
        installation, performance, machines,
        videos, sound-art, and light projections.

        DEADLINE: End of June, 1998

        KUNSTPFLUG e.V.
        Bahnhofstr. 47
        14806 Baitz, Germany


[Call for Participation]
October 2-10, 1998
Palermo, Italy

        International Videoart Competition
        (the only one in Italy) and
        International Competition for artist's

        DEADLINE: July 31, 1998


[Call for Submissions]
August, 1998

        In collaboration with Revolting, Manchester's
        temporary media lab, Mute is publishing a
        special issue on NET POLITICS. Coinciding
        with the themes of ISEA98 - Revolution/The
        Terror - it will place contemporary debates
        on the politics of information networks under
        the microscope.

        DEADLINE: June 18, 1998


[Call for Papers]
Duke University

        This issue seeks to bring different
        fields of research such as subaltern
        studies, subcultural theory, the political
        economy of globalization, and cultural
        anthropology into a dialogue to develop
        new perspectives on the sorts of cultural
        practices affected and enabled by
        globalization, as well as to potentially
        develop new "working hybrids" among the
        methodologies of these  different fields
        of study.

        DEADLINE: August 1, 1998.


[Call for Entries]
Secession Gallery
October 15, 1998
San Francisco, California

        This exhibit will not take place in a
        gallery; instead it will take place
        "in the streets." We hope to create
        an exhibit that addresses the increasing
        impact of speed (and the tools of speed)
        in our lives. The art can be static or
        mobile, and could relate to or include
        cars, skateboards, bicycles, trains, planes,
        computers, and telephones. Artists working
        in all media are encouraged to apply.
        Venues for projects may include, but are
        not limited to: rooftops, bus advertising
        space, construction barriers, and storefronts.
        Artists could use signage of any kind, radio
        broadcasts, sound installations, performances,
        and interventions. Artists will receive stipends.

        If you are interested in being considered for
        this exhibit, please send:
                1) documentation of recent work
                2) A one-page letter describing your interest
                in the show and your general approach toward
                the project (not a specific proposal).

        Send to:
    Secession Gallery
    Leona Terrace Research Center
    20 Leona Terrace
    San Francisco, CA 94115

        June 23 - Letter of interest and
        documentation of work
        July 7 - Finalists selected
        August 3 - Deadline for final proposal



The Cathedral and the Bazaar
        Eric Raymond's  paper about Linux that
        influenced Netscape's decision to release
        Communicator 5.0 as source code.

The Next Left
        Scott Stossel talks with philosopher
        Richard Rorty about the future of political
        liberalism in the U.S.

Varieties of Madness
        Joan Didion reviews the Unibomber Manifesto.

Gertrude Stein Salon
        Gert, Alice, Pabs, Paris...need we say more.

City of Boiled Beans
        Ashok Khosla and Susan Bodenlos discover India
        while setting up a software development center
        for Apple Computer.

Screen Salvation
        A FEED dialog on spirituality and technology
        with Mitch Kapor, Jennifer Cobb, Erik Davis
        and Lama Surya Das.

        E-zine published by Leslie Harpold from a
        tiny cupboard in New York's Hell's Kitchen.

The Robin Hood Project
        A database of texts, images, bibliographies,
        and basic information about the Robin Hood
        stories and other outlaw tales, sponsored
        by the University of Rochester.

        Owen Thomas collects quotations of the Digerati.

Universal Currency Converter
        Performs interactive foreign exchange rate
        conversion on the Internet.

Umbrella Online
        Selections from UMBRELLA -- the seminal
        publication about artists books, mail
        art and many other things edited and
        produced by founding editor,
        Judith A. Hoffberg.

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