A Monthly Newsletter
July 6, 1998
vol 3.07

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Greetings: THE 4TH OF JULY
weekend was
peaceful since
all the noisy
people in New York
seemed to be out
of town.
We stuck our heads out the window when we heard the BOOM of the Macy's fireworks on the river, said a few "oohs and ahhhs" with the neighbors then called it a holiday. In fact, the summer so far has been pleasant except for a few absolutely terrifying thunder storms in the middle of the night when we rushed to unplug the computers before they got zapped, stubbed our toes in the dark causing us to scream in agony, waking the talking bird next door who didn't shut up until morning. Well, other than that life has been good. More museums are taking our advice (finally) and finding uses for the Internet so we've started a special section called THE VIRTUAL MUSEUM. The next issue of INTELLIGENT AGENT is about to go to press so it should be in the bookstores and mailboxes in a few weeks. And someone has created a "DIGITAL LANDFILL" for all those bad bytes we have cluttering up the office. Details, below. Best regards, Remo Campopiano president, artnetweb Christiane Paul editor, INTELLIGENT AGENT Robbin Murphy editor, newsletter ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS 3. REVIEWS (WEB) 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ ============================================================

1. artnetweb NEWS
artnetweb is a collaborative network of people,
projects and things dedicated to access and
exploration of new technologies for artists.


	has launched  "Museums and the Online Archive of
	California Project (MOAC)", a prototype "virtual
	museum archive" that integrates standardized
	"finding aids" for museum and library special
	collections into a single source.

	THE GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM in association with
	Society for Old and New Media, De Waag,
	Amsterdam has launched its first artist's
	project commissioned for the Web:
	"BRANDON: A One-Year Narrative Project in
	Installments" conceived and directed by
	filmmaker and media artist
	Shu Lea Cheang.

	THE DIA CENTER has opened its new and much
	improved on-line bookstore. Members get
	10% off of on all Dia publications.


EBON FISHER has found a place to live in Iowa City,
is back on-line and sends this press release for
his new program hoping to lure everyone to join
him in America's heartland:

	This Fall The University of Iowa launches a new
	program in "Digital Worlds" headed by New York-based
	media artist, Ebon Fisher. It is the heartfelt
	determination of Mr. Fisher that the program will
	act as "an experimental and fiercely independent
	breeding ground" for virtual worlds, computer games,
	and other immersive spaces. Set in the School of Art
	and Art History, the program will invite both
	undergraduate and graduate students to approach the
	computer as a medium whose greatest potential lies in
	the synthesis of all the arts into living worlds
	-- worlds which bravely integrate popular aesthetics
	and discourses with the visions of the creators.
	"If we take it there," Fisher maintains, "digital
	worlds can evolve into a major cultural paradigm of
	the 21st Century much as film was for the 20th and
	literature for the 19th."

	All input and questions are welcome.



426 Broome Street
New York, NY, US 10013

	ONLINE Class:
		Microsoft FrontPage 98

		1) HTML: Web Page Design
		2) Introduction to 3d Studio Max

For more information visit the ED-CENTER site,
or email

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browsers and interfaces.

Forthcoming in Vo. 2 No. 3:

"Is it spam? Noooo... Is it a commercial?
Noooo... It's net art!"
Josephine Bosma follows the winding road taken
by  the history of (with the dot).

"Browser Wars"
Tilman Baumgärtel talks to Matthew Fuller, a member
of the art group I/O/D, about their alternative web
browser  WebStalker, a piece of "speculative software."

"A Burglar in the Treasure House"
Robbin Murphy reviews Plumb Design's
"Visual Thesaurus"

"Net Symphonies"
A review of Res Rocket's Live Musicians' Network
and the interactive compositions
of Karlheinz Essl

"Petite Forays -- Taste-testing the
Art/Science Confection"
Nik Williams takes a look at the roots of the
collaborative tension between Art and Science.

"The Prophet's Prothesis"
Christiane Paul talks to artist Krzystof Wodiczko about
his communication tools for immigrants and "strangers"
and the  possibilities of an interdisciplinary approach
to "art" projects.

"Living Science -- An Odyssey of Discovery"
Pierian Spring Software

"The Nazi-Loop"
CD-ROM by Hans Breder, University of Iowa

"Nobody's Character"
A profile of the 3-D character animation group
at the Academy of  Media Arts in Cologne

Immersive Environments -- the "Gesamtkunstwerk"
of the 21st Century?
Hans Ulrich Reck ponders the digitization
of the museum and archive.

Robbin Murphy reviews the "Virtual Museums on
the Internet" Symposium  sponsored by the
ARCH Foundation in Salzburg.

INTELLIGENT AGENT web reviews by Jeremy Turner.


Thomas Busch's e-zine "Clubmedia" has had a facelift
recently. The stark black and white stills gracing
the homepage give "Clubmedia" a certain "Teutonic"
flavor but despite the surface stereotypes "Clubmedia"
does an excellent job at captivating the viewer.
Pop-up menus, cluster images, and hyperlinked
color-bar borders seem to make the epic downloads
worthwhile. Of course, any site is worth the wait
if you are looking for coverage on the latest
contemporary art Biennials (Venice '97 & Istanbul '98).
The 'zine features projects and links and gives each
of the participating organizations their due credit
-- even the links page displays a full-color banner
for each site.


Andruid Kerne (U.S./Ghana) has recently contributed
a meta-engine sitework to Creating Media's
"Interface Ecology Gallery." In "Free Collage,"
Kerne personally encourages viewers to organize their
favorite gifs, jpegs, and hyperlinks from other
websites and to juxtapose them within the collage
format. All the appropriated hyperlinks are still
very much (inter)active. Each viewer has the
opportunity to modify older sample collages and/or
follow the source data back to its host site.
Surfers also have the option to search a keyword
in Wired's "HotBot" search engine and have the
matches randomly assorted into a dense collage
template. This pre-searched collage can be manually
customized until the desired result is achieved.
At first glance, Kerne's (con)textual explanations
and sample pages may come across as overtly
pacifying or intimidating to the viewer. However,
by the time you get around to practicing with
the system, the act of hyperfiltering becomes
a self-reflexive labor of love. Not for the
armchair surfer.

"TUG: The Undercover Girl"

Taking touchy issues such as Technology and
Feminism for granted, TUG (based in Oslo, Norway)
encourages us to become a self-proclaimed undercover
agent and shed light on the theme "new stimuli."
This enlightened state tweaks our instinctual
capacity for self-empowerment -- we can all be
aesthetically independent conceptual artists.
Rather than being "outside" and eavesdropping
on the developments and updates of a website,
the viewer feels part of the TUG team whose goal
it is to create new opportunities for developing
and distributing art. This website, magazine,
and exhibition gives us an opportunity to research
our own creative reconnaissance in so-called
"labs of recognition." Users may observe the
various artistic stakeouts carried forth by
their fellow spies. In this age of increasing
paranoia, be thankful that some sites are on
our side.


PopTARTS has assembled an extensive list of events,
festivals, and symposia of interest on Telepolis.
By Kathy Rae Huffman and Margarete Jahrmann


[Call for Entries]
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
Tokyo, Japan
September 1, 1998 to March 31, 1999

	We will explore the artistic possibilities of
	Streaming Media. MCMOGATK would like to encourage
	artists to make use of this exciting tool, as we
	see its unprecedented potential as a medium of
	artistic of expression. The theme this year is
	"Beyond Language Barriers".

	Board of jurors representing various countries
	will select Grand Prize, Silver Prize, and Bronze
	Prize. Those who have been selected will receive
	300,000 yen, 200,000 yen and 100,000 yen respectively.

	DEADLINE: August 15, 1998.


[Call for Participation]
Camp and antiracist action at the
German-Polish-Czech border
July 24 to August 2, 1998.

	An alliance of media-activists, artists, antiracist
	and antifascist groups will organize a one week
	action-camp this summer near the town of Goerlitz.
	The camp is one highlight of the campaign "Kein
	Mensch ist illegal" (No one is illegal) this year.
	The campaign was started during Hybrid Workspace at
	documenta X in 1997, connecting the work of more
	than one hundred groups. The camp will be prepared
	by groups from all over Germany and the camp site
	area. People from all over Europe, from Poland,
	Czekia, Russia, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy and
	Netherlands will attend and prepare own activities.

	We invite you to take part in this event, to come
	to Goerlitz this summer and spend some really
	extra-ordinary holidays there. We invite you to
	join the various actions, to think of further
	ideas, spontaneous operations or contribute remotely.

	HOTLINE: ++49/172/8910825

[Call for Participation]
The Social and Environmental Effects
of "Free" Trade
Geneva, Switzerland
August 16 to 31, 1998

	A seminar about the 800 million people who go
	hungry everyday, about the women whose health
	is destroyed working in the textile industry for
	miserable wages, about the indigenous peoples
	massacred by multinationals for defending their
	lands, about the freedom of exploitation caused
	by "free" trade.


[Call for Papers]
Issues in Cross Cultural Communication
November 22, 1998

	The goal of this workshop is to discuss cultural
	influences as they (may) inform interactions
	among human and software agents. This workshop
	is intended to attract participants from those
	communities concerned with such a perspective
	of communication.

	DEADLINE: July 18, 1998


[Call for Contributions]
Islands and Global Climate Change:
An Internet Arts Project
Based in New Zealand

	We are calling for contributions from
	artists and writers who live on
	islands around the world:  works which
	say something about issues of climate change --
	and the changing forms of interconnectivity in
	today's world -- and what this might mean to
	island people. The work  will be displayed on
	the Shrinking Worlds  website.

	DEADLINE: August 31, 1998



	Two volunteers will be kidnapped for 24 hours
	by Blast Theory on 7/15/98.

The Politics of Jacques Derrida
	The history of post-war French philosophy
	by Mark Lilla in the New York Review of Books.

Web Hunter
	The on-line adventures of Web Hunter and
	Donna Matrix.

The Life of King Edward the Confessor
	13th Century manuscript from Oxford

	Created to serve as the ultimate source of
	information for online journal writers,
	readers, researchers and the media.

The Language Construction Kit
	A site for anyone who wants to create
	artificial languages.

Digital Landfill
	A place to dispose of unwanted digital debris
	from Mark Napier and

Global Fire Monitoring
	Explains and illustrates current and future
	global fire monitoring capabilities using
	satellite technology.

BELA 0.2
	Project by Jaka Zeleznikar.

The World Right Now
	Index of live outdoor cameras on the Web
	from the Olivetti & Oracle Research
	Laboratory, Cambridge, England.

	This text line is composed of headlines
	out of all Belgrade daily newspapers,
	creating specific info-noise that
	people are surrounded by. English and

Postmodernism Generator
	Meaningless essay produced by Andrew C. Bulhak,
	using the Dada Engine, a system for generating
	random text from recursive grammars.

Unamerican Activities
	Radical stickers and t-shirts. The easily
	offended may want to skip this site.

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