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August 6, 1998
vol 3.08

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pleasant weather
in New York City
this summer has
put us on edge.
August is, traditionally, absolutely horrible here and we are tempted to blame Disney for not only buying up the city but for making a deal with Nature to ensure a marketably temperate climate, like California or Florida, for paying visitors. Our suspicious nature may have been aroused by the death of beloved ventriloquist and puppeteer (and our first crush), Shari Lewis. She, along with her bratty alter-ego, Lambchop, gave us our initial education on how the world really works. Instead of obnoxious purple dinosaurs singing about kindness she taught us to recognize the mechanics of deception and manipulation. Valuable lessons meant not to create a generation of liars and cheats but to condition an awareness to these tactics. What is most remarkable, though, is that her lo-tech methods survived into this age of seamless digital simulation. Her lips moved and the puppets were often nothing more than a hand in a sock. Making them real was a collaboration between Lewis and her audience. Best regards, Remo Campopiano president, artnetweb Christiane Paul editor, INTELLIGENT AGENT Robbin Murphy editor, newsletter ============================================================ ============================================================ 1. artnetweb NEWS 2. INTELLIGENT AGENT NEWS 3. REVIEWS (WEB) 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS & CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION 5. BOOKMARKS ============================================================ ============================================================

1. artnetweb NEWS
artnetweb is a collaborative network of people,
projects and things dedicated to access and
exploration of new technologies for artists.

	ART.TELEPORTACIA offers on-demand
	works over the Internet, challenging the
	traditional art selling system and the
	institutionalized establishment of curators
	and directors by offering an easy to access
	presentation platform, a broad and qualified
	selection, the best service and support for our
	customers, and last but not least: context,
	critics and certifications.

	A Workshop Presented by the Banff Multimedia
	Institute. Kathy Rae Huffman reports in
	popTARTS on Telepolis.

	FRANKLIN FURNACE announced the 1998-99 Franklin
	Furnace Fund for Performance Art Awards. Ten
	artists will receive $2000 grants to produce
	performance works. Also selected were twenty-one
	artists who will present work via netcasts through
	Pseudo's in this year's Emerging Artists

	RHIZOME has made three major changes to their
	web site:
		SPLASH - four rotating splash pages designed by
		net artists Shu Lea Cheang,, Jake Tilson
		and Maciej Wisniewski;
		XREF - a smart browsing feature designed to
		enhance the reading experience ; and
		SUPPORT - a secure online donation form to help
		support this nonprofit arts organization.


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	ONLINE Class:
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		1) HTML: Web Page Design
		2) Introduction to 3d Studio Max

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Late summer marks the beginning of the electronic arts'
"festival circuit." SIGGRAPH 98 (the Disney of computer
graphics conferences, as some people call it) appropriately
took place in Orlando, and dedicated its interactive arts
show to "touchware"--interfaces that allow for a sensory
experience and (seem to) make the computer disappear.

The focus of ARS ELECTRONICA (September 7 - 12) and ISEA,
the 9th International Symposium on Electronic Art
(September 2 - 7) makes you wonder if the two events
try to battle each other for attention, if they are an
outlet for millennial anxiety or if the communications
technologies are going to be the evil empire of the next

Under the banner "INFOWAR" (information.power.war),
ARS ELECTRONICA will concentrate on "the fronts drawn
up in a society that is in a process of fundamental
and violent upheaval." Among the issues addressed
are the effects of the computers' and the Internet's
military origins on their civilian use, the forms of
warfare the Information Society brings with it and
the global information infrastructure as the
"battlefield of the future." (The importance of
military issues notwithstanding, one shouldn't
forget that communications technologies have also
played a major role in peace and democracy processes.)

ISEA will consist of two symposia this year:
ISEA98 Revolution in Liverpool and ISEA98 Terror
in Manchester. "Revolution" deals with bio-architectures,
virtual cities, and the revolutionary human-machine
community (yet another parallel: Ars Electronica's
Golden Nica, the first price for interactive art went
to Knowbotic Research's IO_Dencies ["tendencies"], an
interface and basis for a discussion of the city and
its urban power forces). "Terror" will address the
fears that need to be overcome to keep the wheel of
innovation turning. The website of "isea98terror"
promises that presentations will explode like BOMBS
into the delegation.

To balance and be prepared for the onslaught of
ARS ELECTRONICA and ISEA, it might be a good idea
to visit "Consciousness Reframed 2" in Newport, Wales
(August 19-23) -- the second research conference by
CAiiA, the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the
Interactive Arts - -which focuses on art and
consciousness in the post-biological era and deals
with comforting issues such as metaphoric environments,
interface ecology, as well as memory... and forgetting.


Consciousness Reframed 2


Knowbotic Research, "IO_Dencies"


INTELLIGENT AGENT web reviews by Jeremy Turner.

"Digital Landfill"
Do you remember when most Internet gurus promised you
that on the Net there would be no further need for a
disposable culture? After all, there may be a glut of
Internet information but, due to endless storage
capacity, nobody has to take out the digital garbage,
right? Wrong. Mark Napier's "" provides
users with the opportunity to toss unwanted failing
hyperlinks, flames, and spam into a neatly organized
digital landfill. You also have the option of viewing
what others have trashed: with Netscape 4.0, you can
see layers of decomposing trash. The result is a
gorgeous assemblage of online frustration and excess.
This very timely URL offers an interesting twist on
the search-engine-based web art produced today.

"The Museum of Contemporary Ideas"
University of Tasmania, Australia
In the same spirit that led to the creation of
"Contemporary Art Museums" in the 70s and 80s,
Peter Hill opened an online "Museum for Contemporary
Ideas" that both parodies and takes full advantage of
the art-historians' power to construct history and
archive their own myths. Hill opportunistically drops
real artists' names in order to endow his imaginary
artistic and curatorial personae with Art world
credibility. Every link is a clever hybrid of fact,
fiction, and compulsive lying. Distinguishing features
are Java-script buttons disguised as virtual elevators,
the "Manhattan Archives," as well as an encyclopedia of
"Superfiction." Superfiction isn't merely fiction or fact...
it is a mix of both. As absurd as some stories appear,
they are no more contrived than some of the write-ups
you would find in a real Contemporary Art Museum's
catalogue. Sometimes life is stranger than superfiction.

"Temple of Confessions"
Have you ever worried about affirmative action? Have
you dreaded the day "Spanglish" immigrants would decide
to take over a fragmented America? Perhaps you are
afraid that these ethnobandits will ruin all your
contemporary art careers... or perhaps even colonize
Cyberspace itself? Is it time to call in...
The Mexterminator? Guillermo Gomez-Pena's and
Roberto Sifuentes' "Mexterminator Project"
(Museo Interactivo de Ethnografia Experimental y
Cultura Apocaliptica)--an interactive performance
series presented by Creative Time and the Museo del
Barrio--addresses cultural stereotypes in a future
scenario that plays with your worst fears. The
"virtual barrio" now includes a Temple of Confessions.
If you feel guilty about the whitened genocide that
you are accidentally committing, this temple is for
you. Where else can you freely confess and reset your
innermost intercultural cybersins? If I were you,
I'd accept the fact that Latin-American culture is
a vibrant part of the human race and take a therapy
session in a chat room with "2 ethnic cyborgs."


[Call for Participation]
DEAF98 - The Art of the Accident
Rotterdam, Netherlands
November 17-29, 1998

	The Dutch Electronic Art Festival, a bi-annual
	international and interdisciplinary event that
	will deal with concepts of time and space, and
	with their significance for the organisation of
	real and virtual environments from the perspective
	of the accident, of friction and rupture which
	are necessary elements of any technical reality.
	The festival inquires how complex social relations,
	individual actions and new forms of identity, take
	shape at the intersection between the technical
	and social reality.

	Subscribe to the V2 mailing list - just follow the
	'mailing list' links on the Web site:

[Call for Papers]
Congress on Evolutionary Computation 1999
Renaissance Hotel, Washington D.C.
July 6-9, 1999

	The first conference to bring together the entire
	evolutionary computation field in all of its
	diversity in a single event. CEC99 is a joint meeting
	of the IEEE International Conference on Evolutionary
	Computation (ICEC), the Conference on Evolutionary
	Programming (EP), and Genetic Algorithms in Engineering
	Systems: Innovations and Applications (GALESIA).



[Call for Participation]
MCN '98
Museum Computer Network Conference
Santa Monica, California
September 23 - 26, 1998

	A key event for educators, registrars, curators,
	archivists, librarians, managers, designers,
	systems analysts, writers, and lawyers who are
	concerned with information technology and museums,
	MCN '98 will address technology, administration,
	legal issues, design concerns, research and
	commercial implications -- from the perspective of
	museum applications and the diverse audiences for
	which they are created. 

[Call for Projects and Papers]
"Assessing New Technologies in Arts and Humanities:
New Renaissance or Dark Ages?"
New York University
October 9 -11, 1998

	A written one-page abstract of your project including
	a description of its contents, implementation,
	the results, and the URL (if applicable).
	Papers and projects can range from research
	projects, criticism and evaluation, development
	projects of hardware and/or software, and creative
	works which have been produced with the new technologies.
	Participants whose projects are selected will receive
	free admission to the conference. 
	DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: September 1, 1998.

[Call for Papers]
The Third Pacific-Asia Conference on
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Xiangshan Hotel, Beijing, China
April 26-28, 1999

	DEADLINE:: October 10, 1998

[Call for Participation]
January 1999

	A follow-up to the event held in Munich in 1997.
	Its aim is to put forward the Nordic perspective
	on a field marked both technical innovations and
	their applications in everyday life and an attempt
	to ensure balanced development and social cohesion.


[Call for Papers]
Bergen, Norway
November 26-28, 1998

	A forum for the presentation and discussion of
	theoretical and artistic developments in digital
	arts, media and cultures. Through plenary session
	lectures, parallel paper presentations, and short
	paper sessions and ample space between sessions,
	as well as an informal social program.

	DEADLINE: August 15, 1998



The Fat Channel
	A unique, cross disciplinary architectural practice
	made up of architects, artists, graphic designers
	and film makers who collaborate on architecture and
	fine art projects.

Art Orbit
	Contemporary art from a Scandinavian point of view
	but with an international outlook.

Charles Clough
	Painting, sculpture and photography by the artist.

Goldschmidt's Miscellany
	Project by Alun Ward based around the life and
	work of a nineteenth century painter and astronomer
	in Paris.

Please Wait
	Steve Mann doesn't talk to strangers.

Oxford Text Archive
	Searchable, high-quality electronic texts for
	research and teaching.

Artbyte Online
	The Magazine of Digital Arts.
	Newsletter that seeks to address those deep
	levels at which we half-consciously shape
	technology and are shaped by it.
"The Invisible World Order" by Andrew Piper
	If digital technology is to serve humanity
	(and not the other way around), we'll have
	to come to terms with the database and all
	that it implies.
"Steve Reich Interview" by Richard Kessler
	Reich talks about his career, new works, the
	role of the orchestra in todays art world,
	technology in music, and offers advice to
	young composers.

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