JANUARY 25 through MARCH 29, 1997


PORT is an exhibition of networked digital worlds on the Internet organized by ARTNETWEB for the MIT List Visual Arts Center, January 25 through March 29, 1997. Scheduled time-specific Internet projects by individuals and groups will be projected in the physical gallery space and accessible over the Internet for the duration of the exhibition. A Web site and the PORT-MIT listserv have been created to identify potential participants and document the exhibition process.


We are inviting interested individuals and groups to be "Remote Participants," which means that they will be scheduled to participate from their own base of operation, with the resulting project viewed at MIT on four large-screen projection systems as well as over the Internet.

Participant should already be working with the Internet technologies that they propose to use and be willing to commit to an eight week performance schedule. Projects will be scheduled in two-hour weekly time slots over the eight-week period of the exhibition. The first two weeks will be considered "rehearsals" to work out bugs in the technology and content, after which the Internet public will be invited to join in.


If you would like to be considered for remote participation in this exhibition, please visit the PORT-MIT Web site and join our mailing list discussion group. Further information about the creation of the exhibition can be found on the Web site.


The listserv and the web site will be the "base of operations" for the duration of the exhibition rather than the MIT gallery space itself. Schedules and other information will be made available along with biographical/background information on the participants and the projects.


The following is a list of parameters to help participants understand the scope and focus of this exhibition during the proposal process.

  1. Projects should use the network as a medium not just a form of delivery or broadcast.

  2. Projects need be time-specific events that are accessible over the Internet.

    (Note: you have two audiences, people viewing from the gallery and from the Internet.PORT-MIT will be one of the nodes focused in on your event during your time slot. Keep in mind that interactivity is an aspect of the Internet and you may not be able to control who participates in your project.)

  3. Participants must be responsible for securing their own technologies, server space and base of operation. Although, through connections made on our listserv, you may be able to share resources with other participants.

  4. Participants must agree to commit to a two-hour-per-week eight-week schedule, the first two weeks to be considered rehearsals.

  5. Projects accessible by a large number of people using software generally available over the Internet are strongly encouraged. (High-end or proprietary software may not be appropriate here.)

  6. Experimental technologies will be considered in specific cases if the viewing software is made available to the general public.

  7. Proposals finalized early will be given priority scheduling.

  8. Participants will need to provide PORT organizers with information about themselves and their organization in a timely manner.


The gallery will be set up with the follow configuration of hardware, software and connectivity.

*** Hardware ***

  1. Four Pentium Pro, 200MHz, 64MB RAM, Keyboard for Windows 95,17LS Monitor, 15.7 inch Viewable Image Size, Matrox Millenium Video Adaptor w/4MB WRAM, 2.1GB Hard Drive, 1.44MB Floppy Drive, Windows 95 Operating System, Microsoft System Mouse, 3Com 3C590 PCI Combo Ethernet Adapter Network Card, 12X EIDE CD-ROM Drive, Sound Card.

  2. Four rear-screen projection systems, allowing four perspectives on each performance.

  3. Four telephones, one at each station to facilitate technical setup.

  4. A simple sound system set up with four speakers and connected to one of the PCs.

  5. One video camera, with CUSeeMe capabilities, will be set up to be used in all areas of the gallery.

  6. Two slide projectors, which will be projecting the organizations credits and explanation of what is happening on the computer projection screens.

*** Software ***

  1. Netscape Navigator (latest version), with all available plug-ins.

  2. Black Sun's CyberHub Server and Browser.

  3. CUSeeMe receiving and transmitting abilities.

  4. Real Audio receiving and transmitting abilities.

  5. Metaworld Clients such as AlphaWorld, OnLive, Virtual Places and The Palace.

  6. Standard Internet applications such as Telnet.

*** Connectivity ***

The four PCs will be connected to the MIT Media Lab ethernet hub installed specifically for this exhibition, allowing 8-times T1 throughput.


Please copy/paste the following form into a new message, fill it out, put PORT PROPOSAL in the subject line and email it to murph@artnetweb.com.

DO NOT send examples of your work as attachments to email or regular mail. Work samples must be accessible over the Internet. If documentation of your work is necessary via other means, state so and you will be contacted. PORT-MIT is an artist-run, grassroots operation relying on the time and energy of many volunteers. The more we are able to cooperate the better we can help participants.


Name of Organization or Individual:

Regular Mail Address:

Phone Number:

Alternative Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Email Address:


Description of Organization or Individual: (200 words)

Title of Project:

Description of Project: (500 words)

Technologies Used: (100 words)

Special Needs (100 words)

Send Proposal to:


(please, do not fax or snail mail your proposal)


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November 20, 1996