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January 25 through March 29, 1997

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BY: David Bartel with äda'web
TIME: 3 - 4 pm EST
Feb. 18, March 4, 18 1997
SOFTWARE: Java-aware Web browser, Shockwave plug-in, good sound system

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ACCESS: http://www.adaweb.com/partners/
CONTACT: David Bartel
343 East 66th Street #19
New York, NY 10021

phone: 212-472-8182
fax (please call before): 212-472-8182
email: dbartel@earthlink.net
URL: http://www.adaweb.com or http://home.earthlink.net/~dbartel/


An interactive sculpture in sound and color.

'Les Sons et les Couleurs' is an international, participatory sculpture involving palettes of sound and color, gesture, and alphabetical graphics. It is a large scale, complex sculpture taking full advantage of distributed computing on the world wide web using ShockWave, Java, or a similarly flexible application.

The project will be realized in three or four distinct ways:

  • first as an interactive program sent world wide, collecting data in order to build initial templates of sound-color-graphical gestures (compositions/palettes);

  • second as an interactive web presence, both for collecting information and displaying its contemporary state, allowing people to interact with sound, gesture, and color signatures of his or her own, and those of persons from around the world;

  • third once realized, the color, name, data, graphical and gesture information will be made available for use for tie-in projects, including an piece of interactive music by David Bartel;

  • and, as a possible extension,

    fourth the project will be realized as a traveling installation to each of the sites where it began in its earliest phase, exhibiting its final interactive state, the final projects it engendered, and its transformation in/from the web.

David Bartel Composer David Bartel was born in Paris, France. After completing a Master Degree in musicology from the University of Paris Sorbonne, he came in the United States on a scholarship and received his Ph.D. in composition from the University of New York at Stony Brook in the spring of '95. His compositions have been performed extensively across Europe, the United States and Canada and he has completed several commissions for various chamber formations and soloists, soon to be premiered and/or recorded. His music has most recently been performed in such cities as Paris, Versailles and Assier, France, Toronto, Canada, New York, USA as well as in Austria and Japan. His trio (violin Vcello and Piano) "Les Caprices d'un Cercle" was performed in May 1996 in Carneggie Hall, New York. The range of his activities also include writing and producing music for film, video and television as well as doing sound work for new medias such as CD-ROM and the Internet. He is also involved as a consultant in the development of interactive sound multimedia software by New York based companies Bong & Dern and Untold Multimedia.
äda'web A digital foundry producing network specific artists' project. Founded in December 1994.

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