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MIT List Visual Arts Center
January 25 through March 29, 1997

PROJECT: rDNA (imagined)
BY: Prema Murthy
TIME: Friday, 1 - 3 pm EST (except 2/7 and 2/14)
SOFTWARE: Web Browser, CU-SeeMe, RealAudio, Cn3d(interactive 3-D modelling)
ACCESS: To participate in the Live Chat during the performance and/or view it live remotely, download Cuseeme and log-on to the PseudoTV Reflector site. ip address-

also check: http://www.inch.com/~mimic

CONTACT: Prema Murthy
60 Berry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

phone: 718-599-6565/718-599-6147
fax: 212-475-2710
email: mimic@inch.com
URL: http://www.inch.com/~mimic


rDNA (imagined) is a metaphorical interpretation of the current experimentation in biotechnology to duplicate the human genome through a compilation of newly deciphered DNA sequences from laboratories all over the world. Often, different laboratories will be studying the same gene; yet not precisely the same, because of the slight genetic variation between the individuals sampled.

This data is sent by modem to receptacles for this type of information such as the Human Genome project's Genbank Web site. When the task is complete (estimated to be sometime between 2001 and 2005) the final sequence will be created through a recompilation of fragments of multiple versions of the same sequences, creating a composite or recombinant organism.

In the performance/installation rDNA(imagined) a biomorphic, imaginary form is created from a recombination of human DNA and experimental broadcasting technologies.

Data will be sent to a receiving station, MIT List Visual Arts Center. Each of the four computer stations there, is a representation of the slight variation present in the same sequence; each screen being a different form of the same human sample. Together as a unit, these four stations are a hybrid form comprised of morphed data (the manipulation of information when sent over the internet), sound, imagery, and text.

Screen A
-Cuseeme: live view 1/performance-a specified point of view of the human sample
-Real Audio: looping sounds, the structure of a hybrid (human/computer)/imaginary form illustrated through sound

Screen B
-Cn3d: interactive 3-d modelling of human DNA structures

Screen C
-Website: textual information about recombinant DNA as it exists in current biotechnological experimentation

Screen D
-Cuseeme: live view 2/performance-a specified point of view of the human sample

PREMA MURTHY Prema Murthy examines the shifting boundaries of a gendered (socially constructed) body by remapping its surface through various forms of new technologies. She explores these new forms of gender embodiment in her performance-based installations and digital prints. She has shown her work and performed at various spaces in New York City including The Clocktower Gallery, Gertrude Stein Repertory Theater, The Bronwyn Keenan Gallery and The Alternative Museum.

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