An Exhibition Proposal
For the Reference Gallery
List Visual Arts Center at MIT

II. Conduits and Bridges

The MIT Media Lab extends far beyond its physical walls. It has
influenced a generation with the objects -- physical, digital and mental
-- created there. The point of this exhibition is not competition but
reflection of those objects onto the exhibition. The physical
environment must convey this sense of how objects are being received and
used. The walls themselves become important as conduits of information
that border both the Kosuth exhibit and the Media Lab. A place between
art and science where digital culture exists.

Various mappings of the Internet will be important as will examples of
human networks that don't rely on electronic devices. One aspect will be
an actual performance of the Internet, another will be artifacts created
by these kinds of networks including artists' mappings, sketches, faxes,
journals, MOO performances and diagrams.

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