An Exhibition Proposal
For the Reference Gallery
List Visual Arts Center at MIT

IV. Description of the Physical Environment

The exhibition space will be set up as a theater space, except the
audience will be in the center and the stage encompasses the
other words, a physically immersive environment. Several
levels or platforms will activate the circumference of the space,
housing the tech equipment and forming a stage for several real-life

The main focus point of the room will be a large projection wall where
Internet activities will be presented (see next section). Three
additional computer stations will be available for performing
events locally and allowing visitors to wander the web.

On another wall, an old-fashion bulletin board will be set up to post
the paper (notes, email, diagrams, scripts, proposals, faxes, ect.) that
is generated by this exhibition. The concept of "posting" popularized
the Internet.

The rest of the walls will be painted shades of dark gray and annotated
with chalkboard-like definitions, diagrams and quotes about the
Internet. To add to the informative nature of this exhibition, a sound
track will be created with ambient music and clips of dialogue fading in
and out, culled from ArtDirt and other Internet audio programs.

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