An Exhibition Proposal
For the Reference Gallery
List Visual Arts Center at MIT

VI. Who Are The Artist Participants

We see this project broken down into several components with different
people involved. Keep in mind that the physical and cyber environments
will be designed for maximum flexibility...we are designing an
infrastructure for creativity to happen.

a) The overall project will be organized by Katy Kline, Remo Campopiano
and Robbin Murphy. They will decide who does what and when, and for how

b) The design of the physical environment will be the responsibility of
Remo Campopiano, Ebon Fisher and Marek Walczak; in consultation with the
users of the space from New York and Boston.

c) Artists performing in the cyber environment will be from all over the
world and will be loosely juried by email proposals. We will be priming
the pump with performances from artists and artists groups that we have
been involved with over the past few years...for example,
Adrianne Wortzel, Heather Wagner, GH Hovagimyan, Floating Point Unit,
The Thing, Blast (Jordan Crandall), The Broome Street Players, Rhizome
Internet, Intelligent Agent, VRML/Metaworld SIG and ArtDirt. There will
be more in this list once they have been contacted about participation.
Possibilities include, e-toy, Victoria Vesna, John F. Simon,
Jr. Vivian Selbo, The Gertrude Stein Theater, John Chris Jones, Mute,
Simon Biggs, Alan Sondheim, Joseph Nechvatal among others.

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