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The Scrovegni Chapel

musEleanor, C.M.S.A.*

Project Tenure:
June 1304-March 1305 AD, Blue Planet Years

Giotto di Bondone, Italian, male.

Born: 1276, died: January 8, 1337

The Portrayal Of Pathos In The Medium Of Fresco

Title Of Work:


musEleanor's Narrative:

When I first heard of this project, it was of particular interest to me that the subject of loss and resurrection was to be treated in a medium as temporal as fresco.

Needless to say, I was elated when my petition to participate in its conception and execution was granted, and I immediately joined the artist at the site.

~ ~ ~

Unfortunately, the Chapel itself had been constructed without consulting Mr. di Bondone, in his own right an accomplished architect.

Therefore, the ambiance was glum when we first arrived. As the space was long and narrow, it was impossible to back up far enough from the side walls for effective viewing of a large-scale mural. Additionally, there was a shortage of natural light.

The first problem was resolved by dividing the picture into episodic panels that were easier to "read" from a short distance.

The latter problem was somewhat mitigated by my suggestion to Mr. di Bondone to render his forms with additional highlighting .

Some additional problems arose when it became clear that there was a growing lack of perception on Mr. di Bondone's part so that he was somewhat unable, in spite of my persistent efforts, to hear me or see me. Therefore, I relied heavily upon those of hi s assistants who were able to perceive my presence and communicate my comments, critiques and suggestions to him. But unfortunately there were times on this project when my pivotal suggestions were inaccessible or inadequately conveyed.

* Certified Muse in the Service of Art

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