Archaeological Deconstruction Publication
Tome 6, Vol. A ID CMI No. 42-049.962.9808a.XVII




Close examination of the "The Electronic Chronicles" reveals aspects of a civilization in its initial struggles against entry into an age of Pluralism, with evidence of the disintegration of archaic political, cultural and economic linear syst ems.

One symptomatic manifestation was the frenzied increase in commissions of megalithic architecture celebrating the fixed idea of hierarchy and, particularly in secular architecture, the presence of a main idea which dominated subsequent branch struc tures.

A popularist philosophical stance dictated celebration of the idea of being processed in chronology to progress in every way. In addition, the perception that both historical and personal evolution began with the first moment of vertical, two-legged loco motion, was encouraged by both print and electronic media.

From this upright position any movement was perceived as an uphill process, held as heroic in the face of obstacles overcome with analysis, diligence and faith. This was accompanied by a rare twist of the sysphean myth: their conviction that each time t heir Sisyphean boulder rolled back it actually situated them on a new and higher plateau.

Thinking in a linear way about their development put great pressure upon them to record it under the auspices of a progression. This progression could not help but lead them to employ arbitrary boundaries between their arts and their technologies.

An analysis of their rationale for links and their vernacular reveals that philosophical, social and economic relationships in this culture were held in the following hierarchy:

1. Noun linked to Noun, vice versa: i.e., object to object, thing to thing.

2. Noun linked to Verb, vice versa, object to action; action to object.

2. Verb linked to Verb, vice versa, action to action

3. Noun linked to adjective, vice versa, qualifying object.

4. Juxtaposition of opposites.

5. As a rare and pristine occurrence: links were sometimes constructed through an unequivocal leap of faith.

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