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Tome 6, Vol. A ID CMI No. 42-049.962.9808a.XVII

About the Casaba Melon Institute Twin Lions Cornerstone Expedition Team..................

The team launched a major expedition in 203943 determined to reenact archaeological methodologies of antiquity. In antiquity the tasks of archaeologists involved actual topographical travel to an alleged site IN THEIR OWN TIME and physica l digging to retrieve artifacts which then had to be analyzed and reconstructed to reveal their form and origins. Time travel and the existential holographic sciences were unknown phenomena.

The accuracy of their conclusions deserves our wildest admiration, for they truly could never see articles in situ as they were in the prime of their existence.

Unfortunately, there also developed a nostalgia for objects found in a faded and decimated state that somewhat clouded their perceptions of prehistoric cultures.

Our team has been organized by the International Archaeological Anti-Nostalgia Project (IAAP), a St. Palace, Minisorta awareness program founded by veteran antinostalgist, author and educator Dr. Ad Hocster.

In recreating the methodology of archaic archaeologists, the team departed from an island on the north central coast of Severnaya Zemyla on 203943 Lapsumatera 12 via dog- and canoe-sleds to travel 2,000 miles across the underbelly of the world to the town of Absolut, NWT, Canada.

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Compelling and Revealing Early Autobiographical Vignettes
by Team Members:

All of the children will be grist for the mill of the paradigm of Eden -- ushered in as innocent as lambs, shown the apple and the snake, and dispatched as bovine as the ox or as sly as the fox.

..................the first K I R U, The Electronic Chronicles

Erik Hocster, PhDDr. E. B. MusingRowena D. Regal

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