Wildflowers grew in a field between Camouflage Town and Temple Town.

Once upon a time, this field nurtured only one homogeneous, brown, brittle species, which emitted noxious fumes.

Ancestors gathered at the edges of the field to chant at the time of pollination. Their strong and heartfelt vocal vibrations and the ingenuity of the lyrics freed the blossoms from their stems and sent them traveling against the wind they were meant to follow, resettling them in new company for pollination.

Generation after generation of flowers became less and less toxic.

The tribe still chants these lyrics to cross-pollinate; one song for each direction, south, east, west and north. Thousands of multicolored blossoms lift off their parental stalks, hover, and take leave, floating over the field to perpetuate themselves i n an ever more medicinal and perfumed form.

Kiru said it was from the phenomenon of the field of flowers that they had understood that words were potent and began the slow and ceremonious development of their second, and more significant, language.

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