I produce a video portrait the following way. I give each person the list of video-affirmations you see before you on pedestal. I ask each subject to read through the phrases and pick only the ones he or she relates to and would like to read on camera.

While each person is reading I study facial structure and determine how I want to paint the face. I use the structure of the face to determine my composition. The subject does not see how I have painted his or her face until after the portrait is done to avoid any sense of theatricality.

I then ask the subject to read the chosen phrases out loud into the camera. I try not to direct but allow each individualÕs personality to project. I use the camera to compose the painted shapes on the video screen in the manner of modernist paintings. The end product has the elements of classic portraiture reassembled in a different sequence: Color, shape, line, composition and the expression of the soul through the eyes.


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