Notes about Realms
by Annette Weintraub

Realms is an interactive artwork for the World Wide Web which explores the material and metaphysical resonance of urban landscape evoked via linked images and text in a passage through subterranea, the streets and rooftops.

Images and text links are used to navigate a series of brief stories, through which the viewer explores the dimensions of a mythic City, and participates in a dynamic narrative exploring the boundaries of personal and public space. Realms invokes a storytelling mode which bridges the very intimate yet very vast expanse of netspace.

Embodied in the labyrinth of subway passages, the pulsing energy of the streets, and the altered perspective of the rooftop, the life of the City is revealed in a series of small incidents and unexpected conjunctions. A meditation on the dynamics of urban space, Realms takes you on a meandering journey and presents encounters ranging from the peculiar, to the unexpected, to the sublime.

This work was first shown in the exhibition, CODE, at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery in Soho (October 26-December 2) and in the PROJECTS area of artnetweb.


(For optimum viewing please adjust your screen size according to the viewing instructions available on the first screen.)

Annette Weintraub
Two Bond Street * New York,10012 * (212) 254-6185