During the course of this last year the plug was pulled on the American Horror Show.

This action was coincidental with the recent takeover by Yahoo of Geocities which had

formerly housed the site for a period of over six months and was enacted in spite of

the fulfillment of the process of re-registration by the artist. To those who had the

opportunity to view the site, it was apparent that the artist was pushing the boundaries

of conventional taste for the purpose of raising political awareness concerning the many

aspects of the draconian practice of mindless consummerism. For whatever official reason

the site was officially closed down, it is obvious that the current corporate inspired e-world,

based purely on money for money's sake, cannot and will not tolerate anything that is

not concordant with its ultimate aim of promoting further profit. If there is any action

which could demonstrate the ultimate point of the work that appeared on this now terminated

site, it is the casual action of the new owners to quickly expunge anything inconvenient

to the proliferation of that rosy little glass menagerie world of the almighty buck that

makes the most lasting point.


long live the inconvenience of the freedom of thought!