Sung by
Sisters Mime-sis and Cathar-sis.

Oar d'heouvre.
Oar d'heouvre?

Woe to us who know why a fish out of water obstructs fluidity.
And why that is bad.
And what would be worse
a boolean impediment to smooth sailing

Whores au pair, whores au pair.
Why seek thee etymology?
Tothink thy significant other signifies the signifier
catstigates the bloody liar
churnies up the muck and mire.

Ors oh pear, ors oh pear.
Ye seek the
Smooth sailing on the boolean sea.

Mimesis: while locomotion sings delusion
If invites extreme confusion

Catharsis: a lack of ors brings limitations
And makes us prone to imitations
Impossible to bear, too deafening to hear...

Mimesis: lean on me, more or less
Catharsis: up your brigadoon with morays and lessons.

Mimesis: while and connotes a tidy sum
And else brings pandemonium

Cathar-sis: ode to or, ode to or

Collander of Epinodes