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Spoon River Anthology Online

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Gillien Goll, Roxane Russell, Lou Lembo

cuseeme, video, blue screen, real audio

Saxophone and Saxophone Video by Jose Betancourt
Girraffic Park Video by Adrianne Wortzel
Real Time Giraffic Park Choreography by Nikolay Matov
At: Pseudo Programs, Inc.
Sound: Josh and Dan Melamud
Video and CuSeeme Technical: Nikolay Matov, Volcano
Starboard Mapdance by Marek Walczak

Friday, February 14, 1997, 3 pm to 5 pm.

Dear Gillien, Roxane and Lou: There are six episodes. 3 episodes take place in the video room and 3 in the audio room as follows: Even though I give you explicit directions below, feel free to walk in and out of your cameras - from one to another - at will. Feel free to change costume or character between them, feel free to quote from another script you know OR TO IMPROVISE at any time. Also, if you like it better, feel free to follow the directions explicitly. Cycle one starts before Gillien gets there. so Im saving Spoon River footage for the second one. Dont worry about filling the time or timing... Altho trying to stretch is out is good in cuseeme since the packets of electrons have to travel. A. 3:15 pm Video Cycle One begins Monologues with Giraffic Park video (windup toys) behind actors. Roxanne is in Camera 1 - Lou is in Camera 2 Roxane inhales and and then does - Russian Sonya Followed by relaxed Pause, slight movements, fidgeting in slow motion Lou in camera 2 does - Archibald Higby Followed Relaxed Pause slow motion (soft movements) Roxane and Lou switch windows (Roxane to Camera 2 and Lou goes to Camera 1) Do monlogues simultaneously, looking into camera as if you are looking at each other. (up at M.I.T. your images will be on large screens facing each other.) B. 3:35 pm Audio Room Cycle One begins Roxane and Lou do audio monologues, Mrs. Kessler and Fiddler Jones respectively. C. 3:45 Video Room Gillien arrives - goes directly to video room - Camera 1 - assumes her character's posture ---- Margaret Fuller Slack. Pauses till Lou and Roxane enter room. Video Footage is Spoon River. Lou in Camera 2, listens to Gillien deliver her monologue In the middle of MF Slack monologue, Gillien is joined by Roxane in camera 1 while Lou delivers his monologue. Roxane crosses over to Lou and delivers hers. All three move into one camera and deliver simultaneously. D. 4:00 pm. Gillien and Roxane in audio room. Do Dippold the Optician while lou is in Video Room pacing between cameras...... E. 4:15 Video Room Video - Ed Woods - Jail Bait. Gillien and Lou in Camera 1, Roxane in Camera 2 Your improvision -Seize the Savage for as long as you like - lets say 5-10 minutes with Crescendo - 3 monologues or product of Seize the Savage simultaneous talking , walking between cameras. F. 4:30 - Audio Room Finale - Roxane does "Duet For One" with Jose in Audio Room. - Then Jose plays the saxophone till signoff at 4:45 pm.