An Exhibition Proposal
For the Reference Gallery
List Visual Arts Center at MIT

I. Context for Exhibition

Our primary concern is how to present the flux of digital culture,
particularly the networked environment of the Internet, in a temporary
physical state. There is a precedence for this in the problem of the
quantum particle where one can view traces of its existence and/or view
the activity around it but not the particle itself.

Ours is not the traditional curatorial role of surrogate for the public
or trustee of the objects in a collection. Ours is a work of mediation
with a position of facilitator both for the public and for the
artist/creators. We hope that the borders between the two will be
crossed in many ways as is happening in so many areas of the art world
under the banner of multimedia.

It is significant that we share the List center with Joseph Kosuth as it
is his work in dematerializing the art object that has provided the
theoretical groundwork for our presentation. His statement that

"the illusion of the window of belief in both painting and philosophy remains, today, as a deus ex machina holding the viewer's position in check"

has inspired our title and theme. We hear this as a demand for
uncertainty in art that has now been made more feasible and
comprehensible with the rise of digital culture, creating not
undifferentiated chaos but possibilities. Rather than drawing a curtain
of irony over this window to make the illusion disappear, artists now
have the ability to create a multiplicity of windows.
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