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CONCEPT: Present the flux of digital culture
in the networked environment of the Internet
as a two month exhibition at the List
Visual Arts Center at MIT.

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Concept Identification

1.1 10/19 R&R, KK Proposal sent to MIT. Authorization to proceed given.
1.2 10/20 - 11/5 R&R Meetings with individuals and groups to gather broad range of ideas for actualizing the concept.
1.3 10/30 - 11/5 R&R Write general statement of purpose (Introduction) from proposal and input from meetings.
1.4 10/30 - 11/5 R&R Create mailing list and organizational Web site. Write call for participation and other PR material.
1.5 11/5 R&R, Primaries General review of overall program with ANW core participants
1.6 10/25 RC, JR Consult with MIT building department; define responsibilities, liabilities, risk management
1.7 ongoing R&R Identify other remote participants
1.8 10/25 R&R, KK, JG Analyze equipment, hardware and software requirements. Research possible lenders and/or donors.
1.9 11/1 R&R, JR Analyze graphics requirements. How will flexible signage be created that will adapt to the ongoing project? How will wall treatment be accomplished?
1.10 10/29 R&R Draft outline in the form of a bubble diagram to visualize conceptual linkages between possible participants and technologies
1.11 11/5 R&R Make official announcement: send out PR material, call for participation, mailing list discussion group, Web site

Phase 2

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