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CONCEPT: Present the flux of digital culture
in the networked environment of the Internet
as a two month exhibition at the List
Visual Arts Center at MIT.

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Concept Development

2.1 11/5 RM Develop educational criteria and possible methods of presenting information to visitors to the sites, both digital and physical
2.2 11/1 RC, KK Develop maintenance, management and staff requirements. Guards must also be able to operate and explain equipment. Remote maintenance and programing essential.
2.3 11/1 RC, KK, JR Develop hardware and software requirements. Make list of necessities and possible lenders/donors
2.4 11/1 RM, MW Construct rough preliminary model of essential spaces: physical and vrml
2.5 11/15 R&R Develop preliminary schedule and tasks: who does what - make organizational flow chart with titles (this schedule)
2.6 11/1 R&R, AW, GH, MW Develop list of artifacts, graphics, documentary media not already in posession. Develop list of remote participants
2.7 11/18 ? Develop core participant and technology lists and give to MIT for approval and additions
2.8 11/15 R&R Begin to collect visual material for walls to use in model and for reference book.
2.9 11/14 RC, KK Review line-item target budget. Who's got money, who gets money?
2.10 11/4 R&R Map bubble diagram to physical space.

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